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Apr 4, 2007 01:14 PM

Lamb Soup at Yemen Cafe--a cure for what ails you

The one thing that will warm you down to your bones on this horrible cold rainy day--the lamb soup at Yemen Cafe on Atlantic Ave near Court St. For $2, a small bowl of intensely lamb-y brown broth with bits of onion and green herbs. Soooo yummy. The other dishes--lots of lamb and rice variations, mostly---looked great, but we had the yemeni foul mudamas ($5), which was a sizzling metal dish full of a soupy bean mash, kind of like Arab refried beans. Came with a huge, fresh naan-like flatbread. No frills inside, but swift and pleasant service. An all-male clientele while we were there, but 2 women (me and my friend) were treated just fine.

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  1. love the lamb soup! i had read about it on a past chow thread, and like others before me...i thought it was very "lamby" it was great. I also had the roast lamb. I'm on Atkins, so I couldnt really have much else. but next time I have my menu planned: foul madamas, Aseed, and the fatah!