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Apr 4, 2007 01:11 PM

Seafood in Winnipeg???

I am from Vancouver and can't find any nice seafood markets in Winnipeg...There has to be at least 1. Piazza di Nardi is pretty good but don't have much seafood selection...awesome meats and frozen game though.

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  1. When I used to live in Winnipeg we used to pick up our fresh mussels and other shell fish at Costa Brava, a Portuguese fish market on Sargent Ave. go a door down to the Portuguese bakery for some tastey bread to sop up your mussel juices. Can't recall what they had for fresh fish, though.

    1. I go to Gimli Fish Market (they have two locations)- they are the best in town in my opinion.

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        Mariner Neptune on Dufferin has the best fish and selection in the city i find it's open tues-sat. I personally don;t like gimli soley because her fish isnt all CFA approved as well as i don;t like places that sell off second quality items or old stockl cheap and mark it special

      2. Costa Brava closed and there's a new Portuguese market in its place. They still sell fish, but they only get their deliveries once a week (Wednesdays), so go early or not at all. (They also have malassadas if you go early enough.)

        Neptune is good, but the fish isn't displayed like it is at Gimli.

        1. I lived in vancouver for 28 years and enjoyed the seafood -I have found in wpg that the only place to get quality seafood at a fair price is the GIMLIFISH store .. they have 3 locations .

          1. I also arrived in winnpeg from vancouver and found the only place in winnipeg to buy quality fresh or smoked fish is at GIMLI FISH COMPANY .THEY HAVE 3 LOCATIONS IN WINNIPEG NOW .Quality seafood and very reasonable prices .

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              Apparently they had 3 locations when you first posted the same information a year ago. You don't work for the company, do you?

              FWIW, I like Gimli for some things, but in my experience, some of their frozen fish was probably at one point for sale as fresh. When it didn't sell, it became frozen. Not an unusual practice, but stick with the fresh. The frozen leaves something to be desired.