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Apr 4, 2007 01:07 PM

Honolulu Airport

Will have a 2 1/2 hour layover in Honolulu Airport on way to the Big Island and will be looking to grad some dinner before we get on our final flight. Was wondering what if anything is in the airport or around it that we can grab something to eat.

Does not have to be anything fancy, but not really into fast food either. Any suggestions?

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  1. That's cutting it pretty close assuming you will have the full 2 1/2 hours. Mitch's Sushi is right in the airport area, very close by and is the only thing I can think of at the moment. Not cheap, but very fresh fish if you like sushi. Sam Choy's BL&C is a relatively short taxi ride away, but depending when you arrive might be a bit iffy time wise, especially if you hit traffic. Other than that the airport terminal offerings are pretty slim, Burger King, Starbucks, a chinese fast food place and a few others, none of which I find very appealing but might do in a pinch. Hope you get more suggestions from others who are familiar with the area. Good luck.

    1. Stinger Ray's Tropical Bar & Grill

      1. On second thought, after seeing what some people had in their $8 airline lunch box on my last flight home, Burger King doesn't seem too bad.

        1. Two & one-half hours is not that long. I've cabbed to Indigo's, when we had 4 hours, and that was cutting it close, even before the heightened security. If you stay in the airport and take the wiki-wiki, you should not have to re-do security for inter-island connections. I'd grab a muffin and a cup of coffee in the airport, stop by a lei stand (yes, they are more expensive and usually inferior to what you get at Sweethearts, or someplace else in Chinatown, but hey, you're on vacation!), then grab copies of all of the various "activity mags," for the Big Island. Who knows, you might find a festival near you, that you did not know was going on.

          I do not recall having ever dined at any of the spots in the airport. We usually just go to the Red Carpet Club (UAL), when we're leaving, and that is about it. Besides, with the # of flights from HNL to either Hilo, or Kona, you might well be able to catch an earlier flight. One caveat: make sure that your baggage will get on the earlier flight - normally, it will go out on the "next" flight, regardless if you're booked on a later one.

          As the flight is only 45 min., I'd plan a nice meal on the Big Island. Where will you be staying? There are some very good restaurants on the Kona-side, and some nice ones (a bit down-scale) in Hilo.


          1. I remember a courtyard garden at the airport that would be pleasant for a picnic. You could bring something from home and at least you'd be outside in the fresh air. Or you could grab something nearby and go back to the airport and relax there, knowing that you're near your flight.