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Apr 4, 2007 12:57 PM

Have you been to Laurel Grill & Bar on Berkeley St?

Hi all,

A large group of us are getting together on Sunday and looking for a reasonably priced, but decent food place. Laurel was recommended by a friend, but I would love to hear any other Chowhound's opinions! Thanks!


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  1. I ate there a year ago and found the food to be very good. Mostly I was blown away at the affordability. Somehow my boyfriend and I ordered apps, two entrees (one vegetarian), dessert and a bottle of wine, and the check was less than $70. Pretty cheap for the area, atmosphere and quality of the food.

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    1. re: brightonian

      I agree. Although the prices have crept up a bit over the years, it's still a good deal for the neighborhood. It's white linen and tableclothes with (generally) under $20 entrees.

      1. re: Dax

        I disagree. I have been there twice and thought that both the food and the ambience were mediocre. Grotto has very reasonable prices, a good atmosphere, and good food. Also, try Paramount on Charles Street.

        1. re: DowntownChick

          If you have a large group, like you said, don't go to the Paramount. It's got tables for groups of 2 or 4. Anything over 6 would be impractical for the space.

          1. re: wontonton

            I would also highly recommend watching the cashier closely at the Paramount -- carefully scrutinize the price on the menu and board with what you get rung up for. The time I went, the two figures were significantly different and not in my favor -- and the cashier refused to fix it.

    2. I think it's one of the better values in the Back Bay for mid-priced sit-down dining. It's a white tablecloth setting, the bar turns out good cocktails, the menu is mainly upmarket comfort food, and the prices are very nice. Big portions: you can easily make a meal of the hunk of meat, starch and veg that comes with the typical mid-to-high-teens entree. This is not a James Beard Award kind of kitchen, but it executes better on its modest ambitions than just about everything in the neighborhood at its price point, i.e, casual-dining junk and chain outlets. They always have something decent for vegetarians, too. If memory serves, they host an all-girl bar scene on the first Friday of the month.

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      1. re: MC Slim JB

        Interesting. The night we were there it was an all boy bar scene. Fun bartender, nice waitress, mediocre food.

        1. re: ginnyhw

          Bar scene often depends on what event is going on nearby. Thu-Sat it's definitely a boy-bar scene before they move to Club Cafe in the same building.

      2. I go sit at the bar mainly for the entertainment the bartender Erryl provides. And he mixes drinks well too. The handful of dishes I've had have been pretty good and surprisingly affordable.

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          I second the Erryl Entertainment Factor.

          Food in general is so-so. The burgers are great, though (medium-rare, even). The red-pepper aïoli that comes with the reliable fried calamari is yummy (I sometimes ask for a side of that to dip my fries in), and the roast chicken with jalapeno glaze is pretty tasty (even if they do overcook the white-meat half). A good place for a larger group.

        2. Have been to the Laurel with a group. Everyone thought the food was ordinary. I had lobster risotto and thought it was very good, though. Then again, I love anything with lobster as a component. Service was good. The bar scene was very lively! The Laurel's entrees are indeed reasonably priced!

          Here's a link:

          1. Used to go there a lot for lunch, and meals always ranged from good to really good. The biggest attraction is definitely the price. For the quality and atmosphere, I don't think there is a better value in the Back Bay at least.