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Apr 4, 2007 12:41 PM

Squash Blooms?

I know that Mozza had problems getting squash blooms a while back because of the freeze. I just checked their online menu, and Campanile's menu (two places I know have served squash blooms in the past), and neither presently list squash blooms.

Does anyone know if squash blooms are to be expected sometime soon? I crave them! Are there other LA restuarants that serve them? How long could the freeze take the blooms out the mix?


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  1. Don't know about restaurants but I did see squash blossoms for sale from several vendors at this morning's Santa Monica Farmer's Market--not cheap, but available. So you could always cook 'em yourself. :-)

    1. We had the most lovely Squash Blossoms at Valentino last night! Also Sabor A Mexico has a great Squash Blossom Quesadilla. The cold snap we hit a couple months ago wiped them out, but thankfully they are starting to make a comeback.


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        I like Valentino's Squash Blossoms much better than Mozza's.
        My favorite are still the ones we make at home.
        Recipe: Emeril's Tempura Squash Blossoms

      2. Mozza had them last week.

        1. I have enjoyed them at Orris on Sawtelle.

          From their menu:
          "SQUASH BLOSSOMS stuffed with SHRIMP MOUSSE. Lightly fried, tempura style and topped with a black olive salsa"

          1. Not upscale places like what you refer to but Sabor A Mexico has 'Mexico City Style' Quesadillas and #56. Flor de Calabeza (Squash Blossoms) $2.75 would be my suggestion! I'm gonna try it this Saturday along with some other unusual items, unusual at least for us N. of the border diners!!!

            Sabor A Mexico
            8940 National Blvd. (btw. I-10 & Venice Blvd.)
            Los Angeles, CA 90034
            310 280 0380

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              I saw them at the farmers market as well. They're really easy to make. Beer + flour and pinch of salt = batter. Dip in and fry in hot oil. I like peanut or grapeseed. I've never seen them at any market but West Hollywood and Santa Monica. West Hollywood is on Monday and it's actually a nice little market.