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Apr 4, 2007 12:33 PM

low salt ham-where to find on LA westside?

where can you find low sodium ham in the Los Angeles area

Preferably on the west side/santa monica/culver city/venice, etc.

The regular stores (Ralph’s, Albertson’s) are mostly Hormel with 980mg of sodium per serving and that's high due to my diet restriction. I am hoping to find an uncooked ham. What are good stores? Whole Foods is too expensive. Any other options?

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  1. Try the J&T Deli on Wilshire at 12th in Santa Monica. It's a Polish deli and they smoke their hams on the premises. The lean ham is not very salty at all. And the prices are incredibly reasonable.

    1. Ralph's carries Boar's Head meats, including lower sodium ham. The location at Wilshire & Bundy (West LA) and Olympic & Cloverfield (Santa Monica) definitely carry Boar's Head.

      1. Try Bristol Farms. Maybe not quite as pricey as WF.

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          Victor's Meats? WLA. Ask them. I think they would know what you want, and if it is available. No experience in what you are asking for. Ask other independent butcher shops.