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Apr 4, 2007 12:33 PM

Brunch/lunch in Acton/Concord area?

Friends are looking for a good Sunday lunch or brunch place around Acton/Concord. Any thoughts? Price isn't an issue so much as good quality.

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  1. The Colonial Inn right in Concord Center and the Walden Grille on Walden street a couple of blocks down both serve excellent Sunday brunches. Reservations recommended. The Inn has a large, pricey buffet in one area and a more modest menu in another.

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      I haven't been to either in years, but my experiences with both of them were terrible (which is why I haven't been in years). Unfortunately I don't have any better suggestions.

    2. Do a search on the New England board. A while back there was a discussion about lunch places in Acton/Concord/LIttleton, etc..

      Lots of people love Hudson Super Buffet. It isn't big on atmosphere, though. Gibbet Hill Grill in Groton is nice.

      I think the Colonial Inn is terrible. I am so sad for the people disgorging off the tour busses there, imagining they are pretty hungry and knowing what awaits them

      In West Concord, Nashoba Brook Bakery has a waffle bar on the weekends. Or they used to

      1. My two local favorites: Nancy's Airfield Cafe in Stow serves lunch and brunch, and J's at the Winery in Bolton does a nice Sunday brunch buffet (make reservations at J's). Nancy's is only a few minutes from Acton and J's is about 10-15 minute drive.