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Apr 4, 2007 12:23 PM

Any comments on Blasi Cafe in Dorchester?

I have passed by many times and thought it was just a deli but a friend told me she was going there for dinner tonite. Anybody know anything about the menu, atmosphere, beer/wine, etc?

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  1. not bad food, I'm not crazy about the atmosphere or lack of it.
    Seen Tom Brady in there eating a few times before the Moynihan and Gretchen days.

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    1. re: janzy

      Their menu is very limited offering steak or turkey tips; a few pasta dishes and sandwiches. Staff is efficient enough, but not exactly warm and fuzzy. I had the chicken alfredo and found that the sauce was well done, but they left the skin on the chicken which really didn't work for me. I ended up not eating it and instead went around the corner for a pizza at Sonny's.

    2. I live a block away and have been there many times and am friendly with the owners and staff.

      The food is ok, but IMO overpriced. The specials tend to be a lot better than the menu regulars. The tips are pretty good. The cooks are too light on basic seasonings, which makes a lot of the food taste sort of blah.

      Their deli sandwiches are awesome though. They serve them until 7, and IMO is often a better idea. You need to ask about them because they are not on dinner menu.

      I personally think most of the servers are very, very nice, but there are exceptions.

      I know Peg likes Sonny's pizza but it has taken such a nosedive recently with customers sending them back because they are coming out raw in the middle. They need to buy a pizza oven.

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      1. re: C. Hamster

        I find that if I order the smaller pizzas at Sonny's as well as, ask for them well done, I'm happy with them. Can't beat those $2 Tuesdays!! As for Blasi -- Why would they leave the skin on the chicken? It made it so slimy!! I'll agree with you on the sandwiches though, they are quite good. I may try it again and sit at that little bar.

        1. re: Pegmeister

          Skin on chicken covered with a cream sauce can be grisly!

          We are actually thinking of hitting Blasi's for a late lunch today. The sandwiches are big enough for two, by the way.

          $2 pizza's at Sonny's are a good deal but they are having a lot of quality problems because they don't have a pizza oven. Even well-done is coming out totally uncooked in the center. They are considering scrapping it, I am told. Still I go. Must be the $2 beer.

          1. re: C. Hamster

            Sonny's ? Never been it a take out pizza place? Thin Crust?

            1. re: pasta

              It's an Irish pub with a decent menu, incredibly cheap early bird specials and pizza. I like the pizza and have only experienced the undercooked version once, but it's probably just whose cooking that day. The pizza isn't the real thin crust you get with a bar pizza, it's slighly thicker with cornmeal on the bottom. On Tuesdays it's $2 for a small cheese pizza (50 cents for a topping)and $2 for domestic draft. Also good are the fried haddock, onion rings and wing dings, along with their shrimp scampi. The soups are decent and it's a nice crowd. They even have Keno. Irish breakfast is offered all day and on Sundays they have a more expanded breakfast menu until 2:00.

              1. re: Pegmeister

                I'll give it a try...where is it relation to Gerards? Are they individual size pizzas?

                1. re: pasta

                  Sonny's is on the same block and the same side as Blasi just a few doors up. The pizzas come in small (individual) and large.

                  1. re: Pegmeister

                    always looking for a good pizza....just mentioned this to an office mate and they said it reminded them of the pizza of Villa Rosa...would you agree?

                    1. re: pasta

                      In the days that Villa Rosa made good pizza I guess yes, but that was so many years ago. In terms of the type of crust and the bubbles, yes this is Sonny's style. My favorite pizza of the moment is at the Waterfront Cafe in the North End. Good place to watch a game, have pizza or their awesome fried olives stuffed with cheese!! Sonny's of course is more convenient.