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Apr 4, 2007 12:10 PM

Pizza:Studio City/Sherman Oaks

I prefer thick yet I already know how hard it is to find that and "Georgio's" on Laurel/Ventura dont do it for me. I do enjoy thin yet where you can fold it not cracker thin, after hearing all that could I get some suggestions.

In reading previous threads I learned about:

-Reno's Pizza-What style of pizza is this?

-Marie's Italian Kitchen-heard has a decent pie?

-Antonio's Pizza-What style?

Please share your thoughts,


P.S.-Gave up on Mazzarino's Pizza, Paggiano's, and Dmores (not sure of spelling)

I do enjoy Little Tony's in No Ho

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  1. Try Mulberry Street Pizza on Ventura in Van Nuys.

    MArie's Italian Kitchen is icky.

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    1. re: Diana

      Mulberry Street Pizza, while good, is in Encino, 3-4 blocks west of Balboa, across from Big 5 sporting goods. The only thing I would get there would be their white pizza with spinach - quite tasty, especially for pizza.

    2. Joe Peeps
      12460 Magnolia Blvd. Valley Village, CA 91607

      Very good pizza. Great crust. Garlicky.

      A former Chicagoan says so.

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      1. re: LMS1108

        Yup. Very good. Blue-collar for thinner. Lots of toppings--we usually ask for light toppings.

        1. re: Emme

          So funny, we usually ask for extra toppings!

      2. I live in the Stu (my nickname for Studio City) and have discovered that Big Mama's and Papa's Pizza has great thin crust pizza for delivery. I get it every week while drinking cheap champagne and watching America's Next Top Model...but don't let that fool you, I know a good thin crust pizza when I taste it.

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        1. re: Monkwell Slovenia

          Big Mama's & Papa's is actually good? I saw them on the food channel last week for having the worlds biggest pizza, something like 40 inches, WOW! for $40.00 too...

          1. re: Hypnotic23

            well...they deliver and it is actually a good thin crust. I like it... have tried a bunch of delivery in my area and this the best pie I've found that will come to my door. + The ceasar is good too.

          2. re: Monkwell Slovenia

            They also will do thick crust on request and I generally ask for it extra well cooked. Good pizza and good value.

          3. Hey Hypnotic23, is that the same Little Tony's that used to be in Woodland Hills (on Ventura just east of Topanga)? I used to loooove that place when I was little and have been searching for them since!

            1. Reno's is thin-crust New Yorkish. For God's sake, just invest the $10 or whatever in a pie and make your report... it's not like it's Urasawa, for crying out loud!

              Maria's sauce is really bland. But they have absolutely fantastic fried calamari at the Sherman Oaks location.

              Have you tried Ameci? There's one on Burbank and Whitsett and another on Woodman and Moorpark. This was our go-to for pizza (now it's either Marri's or Pepperoni's).