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V Good Restaurants in the SoMa area

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NYer coming out on biz; staying at the Harbour Court. Need good place ($ not impt.) for biz dinner and discussion.

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  1. Slanted Door, Boulevard, Ame

    1. Town Hall or Salt House

      1. Boulevard and Ame are excellent choices. Slanted Door and Town Hall are too noisy for a business discussion. Is SoMa location important, or are you just looking for something easily accessible from the Harbour Court?

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          Ame and Bong Su are two SOMA restaurants that meet your criteria. Salt House, Town Hall and Slanted Door are hardly conducive to business conversations.

          1. re: Paul H

            SoMa not really important; just thought it would nice to get a little walk in after a day cooped up in a conference room. Suggestions v v helpful; many thanks.