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Apr 4, 2007 11:44 AM

Easter weekend recs for 4 adults & a 4 yr old?

We are going to Montreal from NYC this weekend for some fun and great food. We will be with another couple and their four year old daughter, and staying at the Intercontinental (we will have a car). Any recommendations for some kid-friendly places for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? I would love to try Toque, Pinxto, AREA, etc., but don't know if they're kid-friendly. Also, the four-year old has many food allergies (dairy, eggs, nuts, shellfish) , so the places we go will need to accommodate her.

Also, any recommendations for some good gourmet markets or food stores?

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  1. With four adults to entertain the 4 year old you should be able to go where ever you want, especially if you arrive early before restaurants are very busy and the little one is very tired. I haven't seen small children at Pinxto but I can definitely recommend it as a very nice restaurant with a lot of variety, easy to navigate allergies that way. Chuch, the snackbar attached to the vegetarian Thai restaurant Chu Chai on St-Denis, is a good option for interesting food, non-dairy, no shellfish - might need to be careful about nuts though. Jean-talon market is the place to visit for gourmet shops and farm fresh food.

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