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Apr 4, 2007 11:33 AM

GIANDUIA chocolate

Where can I find gianduia chocolate? I know Ferrara has them but anywhere else sells them?

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  1. Aphrodisia on Bleecker St., between Cornelia and 7th Ave. Great shop with those and other exotic chocolates. I bought the Venezualan ones which are semi-sweet, with a huge % of cocoa.

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      I was in Whole Foods-the new branch at Bowery/Houston yesterday and they are selling Valrhona gianduia chocolate for $13.99 per pound. It is also available at Dean and Deluca.

    2. Funny you'd mention that- I'm looking for Gianduia liqueur- Is Gianduia a type of chocolate or a brand name?

      It's a Gianduia flavored grappa from Northern Italy. I can't tell if the brand is called Bottega?

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        The glossary on gives a good definition, as follows:

        "Gianduia was originally created in Turin, the Piedmont region of Italy, and the home of famous Italian hazelnuts. It is a commercially blended mixture of roasted hazelnuts and/or almonds, and chocolate and has a velvety smooth texture. Although milk chocolate is most commonly used today, it was originally made with cocoa powder. It is also occasionally made with dark chocolate."

        Gianduia can refer to any hazelnut/chocolate paste or chocolate/hazelnut bar. For me, Nutella was the first example that came to mind. Hope that clarifies things!

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          There are various stories about where "Gianduja" was first created. Viennese Nougat (also called Weiner Nougat) and German Schmelz-Schokolade are very similar to Gianduja, except they are sometimes made with almond instead of hazelnut (although Gianduja can also be made with blanched almonds). Anthon Berg makes a "soft danish nougat" that is exactly like Gianduja. I guess it is the proverbial "where it comes from depends on who you ask."

      2. I bought Perugina's at the Buon Italia in Chelsea Market. It was cheap tasting and waxy. I heard Gobino (sp?) makes the best. I saw it at Balducci's.

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          I was actually looking for Gianduiotto, the little pieces of hazelnut chocolate that are almost always wrapped in gold. They are in the shape of an upsidedown boat.

          1. re: nkmontero

            Yup, I was talking about Gianduitto above.


          you want the ones from guido gobino, they are the best