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Frozen Soft-Serve Yogurt in SF?

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10 years ago it seemed like you could get a frozen yogurt on a hot day in any neighborhood in the City.
Now I don't know of a-one. Am I wrong? (not talking about Market street - somehow the idea of walking around in the down-town crowds with a yogurt cone going is repugnant). Any soft-serve yogurt parlors in the Inner Sunset or Inner Richmond, Upper Haight, Noe Valley, Castro, Pacific Heights, Marina, North Beach
- you get the idea.

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  1. There's a place on the south side of Union Street a half block or two west of Fillmore that's OK.

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      Yep. There are actually quite a few on Union. They aren't just fro-yo places though. From the outside they look like liquor stores, but many have counters inside with Honeyhill Farms frozen yogurt in a variety of flavors.

    2. i was wondering the same thing a couple of weeks ago and concluded the only place i could think of was the croissant place on the corner of grant and sutter with like two flavors. pretty sad. i'd love some peach or blackberry full fat yogurt soon.

      where's melanie wong when you need her?

      1. This is my biggest problem with SF. I love soft serve fro you and used to eat it every day in NYC. Back then it was Tasti-D. Now, I'm dying for a pinkberry to open in the city. Anyone who wants to talk about a franchise, please get in touch...

        1. Union Pantry just closed though. Decreasing our already minimal options...

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            Actually, Union Pantry is only closed temporarily for construction. In the meantime, the place across the street (Union at Fillmore) is serving the entire Marina/Cow Hollow frozen yogurt market, which means lines out the door and Vanilla Custard shortages on a regular basis.

            BTW -- I'm in NYC right now, and, as I do on every visit, had a Tasti D-lite twist with rainbow sprinkles last night!! So good. I just noticed a pinkberry shop on this trip, too. Haven't tried it yet, though.

          2. Not any of the neighborhoods you mentioned... but there is still a frozen yogurt place in the Stonestown Mall

            1. There are quite a few in the Financial District, eg Working Girls' Cafe...

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                Working Girl's our default fro-yo place when we want it at the office, though it's closeby. Wouldn't go out of my way for it.

              2. i had frozen soft serve vegan "ice cream" at judahlicious (judah x44th) last night and was surprised by how good it was. it was half white, vanilla with some additional natural flavors i can't remember, and half chocolate with cayenne. it's not pinkberry, or costco's berry sundae, but it was very tasty. pricey, at $6 for a small serving. as a lactose-intollerant person, i'd definetely get it again though.

                1. Tasti-Delight (dont know the real spelling) just got bought out and is going to expand by opening a ridiculous number of outlets throughout the US in the next year... I am sure they will be popping up all over California.

                  1. I'm not sure if it's "soft serve", but Joe's Ice Cream on Geary has a really good chocolate frozen yogurt.