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Apr 4, 2007 11:28 AM

Anyone been to Bloom Cafe lately?

Read good things here about their food but not their service when they first opened. Would like to try it if their service has gotten better lately -- anyone know?

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  1. i've twice in the past month...both for (relatively) late dinners. I took my family the first time and we had the prix fixe "special" dinner that night (it was a Thursday) of paella which included great gazpacho, regular, seafood only or veggie paella and a dessert for $30 pp. it was a terrific deal and our server was friendly and attentive, but not out-of-this world.

    the second time i went with a friend for a late sunday night dinner. he had a spinach salad with bacon that he absolutely loved. i had their brie and fig sandwich on walnut bread that i wasn't crazy about because it was served cold. If there's something better that gooey melted cheese, i don't know it! i was hoping it would be more like the surfas sandwich or the brie and pear panini at susina, so the bloom version was a letdown. side salad was tasty, though.

    bloom doesn't serve wine & beer, so they encourage byob with no corkage. unfortunately that block only has a liquor store/kwik-e-mart with a small selection, so i'd suggest planning ahead.

    i like bloom and the neighborhood-y feel of it. i've noticed a large amount ex-pats and i do have to admit that i've wondered if i would get treated differently if i was with a french friend or two...

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      Just mention to Arnaud "didn't you used to own Pastis? I used to go there several years ago" and you will become an instant friend and get that added attention you feel might be missing.
      He is the very jovial, very French-accented owner, quite attractive, probably early 40s, and just a very nice guy who also likes and can cook good food.

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