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Apr 4, 2007 11:20 AM

Mexico City Report

I still am in disbelief at how good all the food was in El DF. I had extremely high expectations, and they were surpassed by far.

Casual places:

Salon Corona, a very busy cantina with huge mugs of beer, tortas, tacos, etc. and of course, mariachi. Lots of fun with tasty, solid food.
Panaderia y Pasteleria Vasconia, in Centro: they have a rosticeria there too, we had great roasted chicken sitting in the middle of the piles of pastries (and flan for dessert!)
Tortas El Cuadrilatero on Luis Moya in Centro - good tortas, great spot decorated with lucha libre masks

Misc: La Europea liquor store in Centro has a ridiculous selection of hard-to-find tequilas and rums for incredibly reasonable prices.

Breakfast: Cafe la Habana is fantastico. Unchanged since 1953, old-school espresso machines, great chilaquiles and huevos motulenos, and of course the coffee is awesome.

Street food:

Pozole in the Mercado Jamaica
Quesadillas and gorditas at the Mercado de Antojitos in Coyoacan (behind La Guadelupana, just off the main plaza flor de calabaza, huitlacoche, picadillo,
Tostadas at Tostadas Coyoacan, in the Coyoacan main mercado (amazing variety and size of toppings on offer)
Blue corn huaraches at stands near the Palacio Postal
Roaming sweet potato vendors, anywhere you can find them
Fresh juices, also anywhere you can find them (orange, pineapple, grapefruit...)
Roasted elote (corn on the cob) anywhere you can find it
Tacos Alvaro Obregon in Colonia Roma - great al pastor, and everything else
Casual tacos/quesadillas inside San Angel's Bazar al Sabado
Capuchimoka fria at Cafe El Jarocho in Coyoacan (we also bought some beans to bring home, which are awesome)

Good places for drinks (adequate food, but more for the atmosphere):
Bar La Opera, in Centro
Hacienda de los Morales
El Canderelo
San Angel Inn

Aguila y Sol. Swoon - simply cannot say enough about this place. Impeccable service, lovely presentation, large portions, nice 'extras', and every single thing we put into our mouths was incredible. 2 appetizers, 2 to-die-for entrees (duck and beef filet), one margarita, 3 glasses of wine, one dessert, one 'fiery hot chocolate', plus a generous tip = $129 US. Quite possibly the best meal I have ever eaten, and certainly at that price point.

Pujol - also very delicious, and we'd be splitting hairs here, but not QUITE as spectacular as A&S. Focus on presentation, smaller portions, no accompaniments to the entrees, and a lot of foam. Interesting and delicious.

Disappointed in the options on the strip in Condesa.

Didn't make it to La Rauxa or UNAM - next time...

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  1. Thanks for the report - this is helpful for my trip in May. I definitely keeping Aguila y Sol on my list.

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    1. re: Mari

      Just back from DF--Tezka very good food but place was fairly empty at 930pm and only Americans at 3 other tables. Hacienda de los Morales---beautiful setting, great drinks, great sopa de poblano but mediocre fish. Izote--good not great, Pujol--good food except for my fish that was terrible, Cafe Tecuba--bad lunch--told me I was having fish enchilladas and they were fillled with chicken. Only admitted it after I challenged. Solera at W--lovely setting but mediocre food. To sum up food in DF---good but not the best in the world. DF is a good tourist destination for art especially Dolores Olmedo Patino Museum and Anthropological Museum.

      1. re: trav

        I think it's all a matter of taste, where you choose to eat and if the "A" team is working the kitchen when you're there, and they're more likely to be there for the midday comida, than for American time dinner.

        Some of the best food I've eaten in the last 2 years has been in D.F.

        1. re: DiningDiva

          Please excuse my ignorace, but when is the midday comida exactly? 2-4? Also, are food stands open at night?

          1. re: Ingrid Ingrid

            Comida can be any time between about 2PM and about 5PM. It seems to me that many people are eating a bit later than they used to, starting comida at about 3PM.

            Often there are daytime food stands that are not open at night, as well as nighttime food stands that aren't open during the day. For example, you'll find that seafood stands are usually for daytime and many meat taco stands are usually for nighttime. Fruit stands are usually for daytime; pozole stands are usually open at night. There are often more food stands open at night than during the day. This may vary depending on where in Mexico you are.

            1. re: Ingrid Ingrid

              yep, I'd add to that that many places don't open for lunch until 1pm, so you'll strike out at american lunch time. Though, ti's always good to arrive at 1:45 to get a good table and make sure you get your choice of food!

              Food also follows the people.... business areas won't have many food stands at night, whereas popular nightlife areas or main streets will. You'll find tacos by the day that aren't there at night because they cater to the local workers. Then, you'll see taco stands that open from around 8 until 4 or 5 am in the morning.

          2. re: trav

            Have always had bad experiences at Café Tacuba... found a huge long black hair in my sopa de ajo last time my parents were visiting. Decent for a breakfast if you are staying in the centro or a place to meet up for a café at night.

            Food here is awesome...but lots of it is off the beaten path. Its hard to get around in a taxi to out of the way places if you are just visiting...