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Apr 4, 2007 11:17 AM

Regional Beers and Sparkling Water

I'm looking to order beers and sparkling water regional to Ontario for an event that will be held in Philadelphia. If anyone could possibly help me with brands, or specifying which are better than others, it would be appreciated. Thank you!!

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      1. Neustadt Springs Brewery:

        Their 10W3 Brown Ale is a particular favourite of mine.

        1. out of curiousity... any particular reason why ontario?

          i spend a bit of time in philly every month or so and love the beer everytime i'm down. some of our regional offerings far from have that oomph that i've grown to really appreciate in many american micro brews.

          if you could convince mill st to send down kegs of their helles bock, wit or new nut brown (only sold in the brewpub so far) you'll really have something for comparison.

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          1. re: pinstripeprincess

            I'm actually planning an event for a group from Ontario who want to feature items from their region. I do love our beer selections here (can't beat a Yeungling), but am always interested in checking out imports!

            Thanks for the recommendations!

          2. Not sure how reliable these ratings might be but check out this site: