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Apr 4, 2007 11:06 AM

Where to get great Pasta?

Alfredo, Ragu?., Where and what are there specialties? Happy Holidays!

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  1. I like Pastina in Hartsdale on Central Ave. It's always dependable.

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    1. re: Kalee

      I like Frank's on Putnam Ave. in Port Chester, especially the vodka sauce.

    2. Eduardo's in Mt Kisco makes all of their own pasta. The ravioli ala Eduardo (seafood and lobster) is amazing. They also make their own bread.

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      1. re: westchesterjess

        I agree, their pasta is amazing . It's a great place to go when your really hungry.

      2. I like Bel Paese in Hawthorne simply because the don't overcook their pasta (at least not as much as most places). I like their shrimp scampi and a side of spaghetti with garlic and oil (simple but good). Also Buon Amici in White Plains (right behind City Limits) has a good basic sauce.. Josephines up in Yorktown (rt. 202) also has good sauce (last time I tried it). Also I think Traditions 118 in Granite Springs has good brocollirabe and cavatelli.

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          Not your average pasta dish, but La Cremaillere has one of the best appetizers on the planet, up there with the onion tart at Le Provencal -- their snail pasta dish in cream sauce. I'm SURE it has a better name than that, but it is -- and I hate this phrase -- to die for.

          As to normal everyday gravy (red sauce for Sicilians) I am happy with Silvio's in Valhalla, La Manda in White Plains, T&R in PortChester, Rosie's in Bronxville, Il Forno in Somers, and even Villa Nova in Pelham.

          The last heavenly carbonara I had was in NYC, and the place has closed.

          The Northern Italian places usually annoy me with their pretension.

          1. re: dolores

            Abatino's in No. White Plains makes their own gnocchi, fabulous little pillows.