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Apr 4, 2007 11:04 AM

Best Bakeries

Where and what is there specialty? Anything chocolate?

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  1. Reinwald's in Huntington just won an award for best new chocolate dessert. Also happens to be the best old school bakery in the area.

    1. What area are you asking about?

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      1. Patisserie LuLu in Scarsdale is excellent. They have a fantastic german choc. cake that is unlike any other.

        La Tulipe in Mount Kisco is excellent. Maarten (the owner) is truely an artist. They have many chocolate items, each one richer than the next.

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          Big second on Lulu's. Their After Midnight dark chocolate cake is incredible (in fact, anything they do with chocolate cakes, especially devil's food, is great), as is the German Chocolate. In fact, we haven't had anything from there we haven't really liked, including a superb lemon meringue tart we just served the other night and a delicious Coconut cake.

          La Renaissance, also in Scarsdale (and Larchmont, I think), has some nice French specialities; the best is their signature Renaissance cake - think layers of meringue, buttercream, almonds.

          Riviera Bakehouse in Ardsley does great decorating and makes very good cookies, but I haven't had any cake from there that compares to Lulu's.

        2. Easy - Kneaded Bread in Port Chester. They have an amazing chocolate cake. Deep rich and moist cake with frosting that is all smooth butter and chocolate. I love the stuff. Also they have a crusty, yeasty chocolate bread that has large chunks of ganache studding a soft country loaf. I've never had anything else like it. Great, great all from scratch bakery. Its on North Main in P. Chester.

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            In the BX: Artuso's in Little Italy, or Zepperi and Sons in the Pelham Bay Section. both Old school Italian bakeries.
            In Rockland . The Rockland bakery, Its a must to visit at least once. You can pick your bread right off the belt from the ovens !!

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              Ditto Kneaded Bread. I've never gotten anything there that wasn't phenomenal. Chocolate Brioche there is unreal.