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Apr 4, 2007 10:57 AM

Black & White Cookies?

Where to get the best and why?

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  1. My husband loves the ones at Juniors. I get them at Grand Central outlet.

    1. Not an expert on these in the least, but William J. Greenberg's on the UES has award-winning ones.

      1. I LOVE black and white cookies. There was a time in my life when i ate one every day. my favorite ones are from Moishe's Bakery on Second Ave around 6th or 7th Street. They are moist, a little cakey, the black icing is genuinely chocolatey and the white icing actually has flavor (not just "sugar" flavored) - it has a delicious orangy/citrus aroma.

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        1. re: lilnugget

          I love these cookies and will try one at Moishe's Bakery very soon.

          1. re: lilnugget

            Been doing an actual tasting survey of these (I need a life), and find the only way to test fairly against each other is to try them at the same time of day. Moishe's, in the morning=so so; Hot and Crusty=better (I would rather be voting for Moishe's, but that's how the quasi-cookie crumbles).

          2. I agree with the Moishe's recommendation. They're very good.

            The black & whites at Rocco's, on Bleecker, are terribly hit-or-miss, but when you catch them on a hit, they're fantastic.

            1. Hot and Crusty in Grand Central, the Goldilocks of B&W cookies.

              The cake part is not too dry but not too wet. The icing is not too weak (i.e. just sugar) and not too strong (i.e. overwhelming the cake taste).

              Turnover there is high enough to ensure freshness.

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              1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

                I tried the black & whites at Hot and Crusty, and I'm afraid I must disagree. I found the cookie part dry, the frosting tasteless. Maybe I hit them on a bad day.

                1. re: lvecch

                  Sorry for the bad rec. I like them that way: drier cookie (not stale, though) and subtle icing flavor. That's how I remember tham from the school coffee shops of old New York.

                  1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

                    Oh, no worries. Different strokes, and all that!

                  2. re: lvecch

                    Hot & Crusty vs. Zaros (both in Grand Central) is a matter of personal taste. IMO, they are totally different styles. H&C is more "cookie" whereas Zaro's is more "cake." A traditionalist would like the Zaro's style, more moist, whereas someone who is more of a cookie enthusiast, would like the firmer style of H&C.

                    1. re: CorgiLover

                      Yes, absolutely; for me, a black & white must be cakey, so that was a huge part of the appeal of the Zaro's cookie. But I found it much more flavorful as well.