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Apr 4, 2007 10:55 AM

Miller Chill?

I know it's only available in Florida, Texas, Arizona, NM and San Diego -- anyone tried it yet before I pony up at the local Hess?

Interesting how they call this beer-with-lime-and-salt a variation of the "chelada." I had thought it was (and it's called on Chow) a "michelada." Does Miller think this makes it sound too much like Michelob?

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  1. Maybe Miller's lawyers think A-B lawyers may think it sounds too much like "Michelob"?

    Altho', I thought "micheladas" included tomato/clamato juice or at least a red hot sauce? A-B's new version does-

    1. Or maybe it would sound to "ethnic" for the average Miller drinker. Sounds like repackaged Tequiza.

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      1. re: Scott V

        Tequiza was made with agave nectar, and was trying to give a beer/tequila flavor.

        1. re: Josh

          I know what it was meant to be. Did you ever taste it?

          I took a sip of one out of morbid curiosity. It tasted like bad beer with stale lime juice in it.

          1. re: Scott V

            Yeah I tried it once. The light version was better, mainly because it had less flavor. Kind of a disgusting beverage, though I imagine it would be possible to make a good version of it.

        2. re: Scott V

          That's like calling a new york strip "repackaged sirloin". This stuff puts Tequiza to shame. I originally avoided it specifically because Tequiza tasted like bottled burro urine, but my wife's uncle brought a 6 pack to her family reunion last week. I think we bought the store out of it by the time the week was over. Some will like it, some will think it's disgusting. We will have to agree to disagree.

        3. Don't do it! Salt, lime, juice, and season your beer with fresh things...don't trust the man...noooooooooooo!!!!

          1. I tried it the other day, against my better judgment, and because it was free. I'll say this: it's better than Tequiza.

            Obviously, that's not saying much. OK, it was light, a bit citrusy, and not altogether unpleasant. There would be worse things to drink around the pool (Corona, f'rinstance)...but still nothing I feel the need to try again.

            1. micheladas are actually a pretty decent way to use up a crappy lager - i use buds to make them on occasion. tomato juice, lime, seasonings, wooshtishire (seriously, who can spell that without looking it up?!) hot sauce, etc --- nice and spicy. it's like a bloody mary with beer instead of vodka. they're not bad.

              although as with a bloody mary, i can only drink a couple or three before i get tired of the taste. something about the acid in tomato juice i guess.