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Apr 4, 2007 10:53 AM


My SO keeps the butter dish on the counter 24/7..Every time my mom comes over I have to hear the rant on how we are being poisoned each time we use the butter!
Where do you keeo butter? On the counter or in the refrig?
( BTW - We actually have never gotten sick by having the butter out - at least not yet! )

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  1. We keep most of the butter in the fridge, but we have a butter bell on the counter with up to about half a stick in it (unsalted).

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    1. re: ricepad

      also use the french butter bell, and love it...perfect for spreading, and the water keeps it fresh. i usually have some in the refridgerator as well, and then excess in the freezer.
      what can i say, i love butter!

    2. unless I am using it the butter in my house stays in the fridge.

      1. Butter can live a long time at room temp. Refrdgeration came long after people started to churn cream. We keep 1/2 stick in a butter dish on the counter and the rest in the fridge.

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        1. re: mojoeater

          That's how we handle it as well. I get too easily frustrated by a toasted piece of homemade bread and no soft butter. During hottest parts of summer, we might take it down to half stick on the counter. Unsalted butter in our case. It's been out for up to two weeks with no rancid flavor.

          1. re: debbiel

            Yes, exactly. Half a stick at a time in a pretty French dish with a lid, the rest in the frig. The amount you keep at room temp depends on how fast you go through it.

            BTW, *always* unsalted. I offer a nice sea salt if I'm serving bread and butter.

          2. re: mojoeater

            That is what we do also and it is perfectly safe not to mention it keeps the product spreadable for morning muffins etc

          3. My former mother-in-law kept a house that was so immaculate her husband could have performed surgery in the bathrooms. And she always kept butter on the counter. It sure made buttering toast easy.

            1. One stick on the counter in a butter boat (except in the summer - even decent A/C doesn't help in the too-much-softness of that stick!); the butter waiting to be used is in the butter compartment in the fridge.