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Apr 4, 2007 10:30 AM

Restaurant School?

Has anyone eaten at the Restaurant School? Is it good? How is the atmosphere? They seem to offer a fixed price menu at different restaurants -with European, Italian, or American food. Is anyone of these options better than the other? What is their wine list like?

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  1. Hey AmblerGirl,
    You know, I've been wondering the same thing. I've been to the Restaurant School when I was thinking about applying for school there, and while I've never eaten in the restaurant, I've had samplings from their kitchen. It was pretty delish' but I really couldn't tell you about the atmosphere.

    My suggestion would be to go for the Italian- it's pretty hard to screw up.

    Keep me posted on how it went if you do in fact decide to go.

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      We wound up going to the Restaurant School on Saturday night, and sekected the European Courtyard. Overall, I highly recommend it. the atmosphere is incredible cute, they reconstructed the entire space to look like an outdoor cafe, complete with trees, fountains, and cobblestones. The students prepared and served the meal. Service was extremely friendly, if a little inexperienced. The meal was an absolute bargain, three courses for $21/person. The selection was great. I started with crepes filled with marscapone and seafood, had a perfectly done steak with frites for dinner, and ended with a beautiful chocolate orange mousse with carmelized blood oranges. my husband had a duck confit with brussel sprouts to start, ravioli filled with pumpkin and St. Andre cheese, and an apple walnut napolean. Everything was great, I was incredibly impresed with their desserts in both taste and presentation. The wine list was nice and very afordable (most under $30). We had an incredible meal, incuding a bottle of wine and after dinner drinks, for less than $100 including tax and tip. I definitely plan to go back, and want to try the Italian and American restaurants.