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Apr 4, 2007 10:27 AM

Karibbean Eatery and Bakery

Today's lunch venture was Caribbean food. We went to the Karibbean Eatery and Bakery in Cipriano Square Shopping Center on Rte 193 in Greenbelt.

I got the curried goat roti. I've never had goat before so wanted to try that. It was rather fatty and bony. I got a side of the sauteed shredded cabbage, carrots, onions. It was spiced pretty good.

It was something good to try but I don't think I'd go back there on a regular basis.

Here's the web site:

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  1. The first time I ate goat roti in Trinidad I found it quite good--it is naturally boney-this place sounds original--try other things-I love jerk chicken and coconut turnovers-peanut punch and sorrel drink are excellent. The black cake is great-in Trinidad and Tobago they make this for Christmas-it is special made with cherry liquor and presereved fruits

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      Okay, so I went back there today just for the black rum cake. The rum imparts a flavor of fruit cake. I'm not a big fan of fruit cake but it was good to try something different.