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Apr 4, 2007 10:17 AM

Rio in June

I am going to Rio in June for a half-marathon and I will be there for one week in total.
I like all kinds of food, am not "overly picky" and generally when I'm travelling, I'm interested mostly in trying different things that I can't get easily at home (Toronto). I know I have to have churrasco and mangoes.
Any suggestions for must trys in Rio in relation to restaurants, markets, types of food, etc. would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Scroll down a little bit and see my reply to LilianNY on March 15th. There are some suggestions there.
    About markets, I would suggest any "Feira". These are street fairs for produce, fruit, poultry and fish. They have all around town in different days of the week. Your hotel can tell you where to find one in your neighborhood.

    1. Suggestions a many...

      Churrascaria's yep right on...
      Juices are amazing...try Acai...awesome stuff resembling chocolate and strawberrys
      Moqueca...fantastic fish stew, spiced up, from Bahia
      Feijoada...the national dish, a meat medley, cooked with black beans...will knock you out.
      If youre game try Sarapato, see my blog at


      for more info...though Ive only just started blogging so theres only 1 article, but Ill be adding one a week.

      Also, try a Pizza joint, they love pizza, especially fruit pizzas served as a dessert.
      Pay by kilo buffets are popular for lunch and well worth a look.

      Im reviewing a fish restuarant, and a restuarant specializing in Mineira cuisine next week, so keep an eye out for those blogs.

      If you want a guide whilst in town, send me an email and I'd be happy to oblige.

      Oh and school up on some Portuguese before you come. You'll need it. Oh and if its you're first time here, dont bring jewellery, or a 35 mm camera, unless you want o get robbed. You need to be wary here.

      All the best


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      1. re: kiwichef

        Hi Rob,
        I think the posts here are just wonderful. My question is what kind of weather we should expect at the beginning of June. I hate rain. Joe

        1. re: alibron

          It is very cold in Rio right now, at least for the carioca's standards: temperatures are in the 50-60s. This is not common. June will be the end of fall, which in general means temperature in the 70s and it's not a rainy season. But in Rio you really never know...

        2. re: kiwichef

          Wear a cheap watch, if you must have the time! And want to keep it.

          And when you are walking around, stop at one of the openair Smoothie sidewalk counters for an energy boosting Acai/Guranana called a SuperBomba, consumed with a straw and spoon. Also, the chicken empanadas will help get you through the afternoon.

        3. Thank you both for the tips!

          1. Hi Pescatarian: I am a Brazil Travel Specialist -- (I was a tour director in Rio for 6 wonderful years ). Here are my recommendations:

            Rio Restaurants

            Mistura Fina (For Music)
            Intimate Jazz Club, Lagoa
            At Mistura Fina fine jazz combines with excellent food. It's open midnight-3 AM.
            Address: Av. Borges de Medeiros 3207, Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
            Phone: 21/2537-2844

            Cais do Oriente (For Music)
            Jazz & Bossa Nova Supper Club
            Tues – Saturday, Popular Brazilian Jazz musicians play in a stunning downtown setting.
            Highly recommended.
            Address: Rua Visconde de Itaborai no 8, Centro – Rio de Janeiro Phone: 21/2233-2531

            Mariu’s Churrascaria (Brazilian Barbeque Restaurant – All you can eat style)
            This well-regarded churrascaria serves more than a dozen types of sizzling meats rodízio style. Marius is famed for taking the usual meat cuts to a higher level of sophistication. There is a great variety of side dishes, including Japanese food and fish. DC, MC, V.
            Address: Av. Atlântica 290A, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
            Phone: 021/2542-2393

            Portuguese – fine restaurant
            This much-loved establishment is famous for its flawless rendering of Portuguese classics. Wander through the antiques shop at the restaurant before settling in at a table. A recommended dish is the cozido, a stew with onions, yams, carrots, pumpkin, cabbage, bananas, and more. The cataplana, a seafood stew with rice, is also marvelous, and the perna de cordeiro (leg of lamb) is the most requested dish on the menu. The wine list impresses even Portuguese gourmands. Reservations essential. DC.
            Address: Rua Aristides Espínola 19, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
            Phone: 021/2294-1049

            Porcão (Brazilian Barbeque Restaurant – All you can eat style)
            Waiters at these rodízio-style churrascarias fly up and down between rows of linen-draped tables wielding giant skewers laden with sizzling barbecued beef, pork, and chicken. Save room if you can: the papaya cream pudding topped by a bit of cassis shouldn't be missed. Reservations not accepted. AE, DC, MC, VAddress: Rua Barão da Torre 218, Rio de Janeiro, BrazilPhone: 021/2522-0999


            The menu's all-Brazilian ingredients are a unique trait of this innovative restaurant that blends native flavors with nouvelle techniques. Every dish -- from the crab or lobster flan to chicken, fish, and duck prepared with exotic herbs and sauces -- is exceptionally light. The passion-fruit mousse is a favorite dessert. Reservations essential. AE, DC.
            Address: Rua Custódio Serrão 62, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
            Phone: 021/2537-8582


            At the turn of the century this belle epoque structure was Rio's preeminent café, the site of afternoon teas for upper-class senhoras and a center of political intrigue and gossip. Jacaranda-framed mirrors from Belgium and stained glass from France add to the art nouveau decor. Portions are generous, but you can also just stop by for a pastry and coffee while you absorb the opulence. Reservations not accepted. AE, DC, MC, V. Closed Sun. No dinner. Metrô: Carioca.
            Address: Rua Gonçalves Dias 32, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
            Phone: 021/2232-2300


            Exotic and delicious dishes are served at this restaurant, one of the few places that goes beyond traditional African-Brazilian cuisine. Try the Afro menu, a selection of contemporary West African cuisine. The piripiri (a spicy rice with ginger, coconut milk, and shrimp) is worth the price of R$65 for two. No credit cards.
            Address: Rua Arnaldo Quintela 94, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
            Phone: 021/2541-9387

            Casa da Feijoada

            Brazil's savory national dish is the specialty here, where huge pots of the stew simmer every day. The restaurant's desserts include a selection of traditional sweets with flavors like banana, guava, or pumpkin. Quindim, a coconut, yolk, and sugar cake, and Romeo and Juliet (guava compote with fresh cheese) are two favorite desserts. The caipirinhas are made not only with lime but also with tangerine, passion fruit, pineapple, strawberry, or kiwi. Be careful -- they're strong.
            Address: Rua Prudente de Morais 10, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
            Phone: 021/2523-4994 or 021/2247-2776


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            1. re: Jill Brazil

              A great list. Having tried both Mariu's and Porcao I can recommend both. I found the meats to be superior at Mariu's, the side dishes and the scene were better at Porcao.