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Apr 4, 2007 10:14 AM

Best Brownie Recipe

Hi Hi!
wondering if you all would care to share your best brownie recipes! really craving a chewy gooey sinfully chocolate concoction... thanks!

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    1. re: flipkeat

      ah! perfect! gracias... :o)
      (not so proficient at that whole searching on chowhound...oops)

      1. re: kabrown

        My favorite's not on there, so I'll post a link to it. These are definitely chewy and everything a brownie should be, in my opinion! I use semi-sweet or bittersweet for the chunks.

    2. you want sinful?? check this out. It's not gooey, but it's very rich and very decadent. with 3 sticks of butter - it better be!

      it's super easy, too!

      1. The best brownie I ever tasted, I had just recently - it was a recipe on the side of the Ghirardelli Sweet Chocolate container. Our baby sitter wanted to bake something with the kids, and found the recipe. I've made it since, just to see that it wasn't a fluke. Make them at your own risk. Absolutely the best, period. Sorry, don't have the recipe with me...

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