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Apr 4, 2007 10:03 AM

HELP!! I'm hankering for CRABS at the beach

(hee hee, funny title?)

I have heard you can go to the beach for a good crab feast. I did my chowhound research and came up with Redondo Beach (Quality, Pacific, Captain Kids) or Long Beach (Crab Pot). Are these the best places to go? Can anyone compare any of them? I only recently discovered that I like crabs (from my blue crab handrolls from Hiko) and would love to just eat a whole bunch of crabs now.

Could someone please let me know:
WHAT (to order?)
WHEN (is it seasonal - are these places even open now? is it crazy crowded)
WHERE (parking situation, address, if possible?)
And any additional info would be good too!!

Thanks!!!!! I'll be sure to write a review

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  1. Fellow Hounds, what is the name of that place next to Ports O'Call? Where you can get all the fresh fish, lobster and crab cooked right in front of you and eat it at the long tables?

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      The name slips my mind as well - a short walk away from Naja's, right? Hmmm.... I saw someone post this place recently in either a seafood or crab legs thread...

    2. What to order? That depends on what you feel like eating, but for us, we usually order crabs (I don't know what kind; I usu leave that up to Mr OCAnn), oysters (raw), clam. There's a lot of other good, fresh stuff! If you order crab, you'll want to rent a mallet to break the sucker open. I've often gone w/a paper grocery bag filled w/wet ones, a loaf of fresh french bread (w/butter to soak up the crab juices), some beer and newspapers to line the benches & tables. I'm making myself hungry; I'll have to make a trek out that way myself!

      When? It can get crazy crowded in the summer, but it shouldn't be too bad now.

      Where? There's a parking structure. You'll want to take your parking ticket w/you to get it validated.

      Go to for more info.

      There's nothing like eating fresh, succulent seafood under the clear blue skies, salt-air breeze with a nice cold one. Almost makes everything right with the world....

      There's also an arcade and some souvenir/tourist shops, so it can easily be a half-day excursion.

      1. Well, Joe's Crab Shack does have free crab tomorrow..........

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            Not a fan of Joe's. IMO, their crabs don't seem the freshest. I've had a not so fun night after eating there and have not gone back since. I am with OC Ann. Redondo Beach pier, next to the arcade. Wear comfy clothes and ones that you don't care will get a little crab juice on it, did I say little? I myself prefer dungeness crab. As far as how much, depends on how hungry and market price is what they charge, which can change daily.