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Apr 4, 2007 09:58 AM

Looking for Crab House near Hyatt Regency in downtown Baltimore.

Hello. I will be staying at the Hyatt Regency located at 300 Light Street in Baltimore. Our group of 6 is interested in a great crab house within walking distance or a short taxi ride. Any suggestions?

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  1. Its not a short taxi ride, but my favorite crabs are at LP Steamers in Locust Point. No atmosphere, just great crabs, beer and steamed shrimp with onions and old bay.

    1. while LP Steamers is not my favorite, there really aren't any crab houses right downtown and that one is the closest other then Obryckis which is a total tourist trap and I wouldn't recommend it.

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      1. re: hon

        I don't think Obrycki's is that bad a place to send tourists. I don't know if they're open for the season yet, though (they close for the winter).

        Bo Brooks in Canton isn't much farther than LP Steamers, and isn't too bad if one sticks to steamed crabs. It has a nice view of the harbor.

          1. re: deangold

            My favorite was the late, lamented Bud Paulino's on Lombard St. in Highlandtown, but it's been gone for quite a few years now. Nowadays I usually buy live crabs from Chris's Seafood on Montford Ave. in Canton and steam them myself at home.

            I've had crabs at Obrycki's. I like them well enough, although their black-pepper based seasoning is different than what most of the crab houses around here use. I haven't had crabs at Bo Brooks since they moved to Canton from Gardenville.

            Off the top of my head I can't think of any other crab joints I've been to that are close to the Inner Harbor area.

          2. re: hon

            I think we're in agreement with LP Steamers... however, I hosted a big meeting thing, with people coming from all over the world, about 60 people, and Bud, the owner, was incredible to work with. I just wish that their crabs were better. Only the people from the MD/VA area knew that they weren't so good. And, it does have the feel of a real 'find,' if you didn't know better!

            I think what's weird about sending people to Obryckis is that the spice they use is so, well, untraditional for crabs.

            1. re: baltoellen

              Actually, I'm 49 and when I was a kid almost every place used black pepper based seasoning as opposed to Old Bay or J.O.

              1. re: ko1

                That's very interesting....I wonder when Old Bay and J.O. became the crab spice of choice. Would be an interesting history of evolving crab tastes!

                1. re: ko1

                  I'm not suprised. Obrycki's has been around a really, really long time (albeit not in the current building). I had a feeling their seasoning method might be older than what most other places use.

                  1. re: ko1

                    I'm 44 and all I ever remember using was red crabhouse seasoning!

                    1. re: hon

                      Old Bay appears to have been first developed and marketed in the 1940s. I suppose it was just black pepper seasoning for crab eaters before that.



                      1. re: dcs

                        My Great Aunt, who was born in 1896 (she lived to be 96) said that they would steam crabs with no seasoning at all when she was a child and teen.

              2. A friend told me to try Mr. Bill's - is that any good???

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                  If you mean Mr. Bill's Terrace Inn in Essex, yes it's good. It isn't anywhere near downtown though, which is what the original poster is asking for.

                2. O'Brycki's is open and I had excellent crabs there two weeks ago. WHile they seem too upscale for the typical Baltimore crab experience they are consistently good and priced about the same as other crab places. My last time at L.P. Steamers the crabs were not good. I like the atmosphere but prefer good crabs.