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Apr 4, 2007 09:51 AM

Going shopping in outlet malls across the bridge..

am going shopping with kids at the outlet mall across the Bay Bridge ( Queenstown?)...looking for a lunch and or dinner chains..something like homestyle cooking..southern cooking..or plain good food....any suggestions...willing to drive out of the immediate area for it...

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  1. Don't know if you like seafood, but Harris Crab House is right off rt. 50 on Kent Island.

    1. I hear Holly's is a trip! It's a diner, though I have never been there. Chesapeake Chicken is pretty good.

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      1. re: nosey

        I have never been to either, but my BF claims both are good. Harris is one we are waiting for Crab Season to start. I *gulp!* get to try my first soft-shell crab then.

        1. re: Quine

          I went to Harris on Tuesday for lunch. They have nice sized crabs already (they purchase crabs from all over the country) and had some different specials featuring crabs, king crab legs, oysters, and a really nice crawfish boil. Good luck with your first soft shells!

        2. re: nosey

          Where is Holly's? I think we went to Chesapeake that the one with the chicen out front?

          1. re: tabemono

            Holly's is on the same side as CC. I think it is just past Stevensville. Would love to hear a Chow review, we keep meaning to stop there.

            1. re: nosey

              I think we stopped there once on the way back from the beach, circa 1970. Sat at the counter, which was always a thrill as a kid. It is the kind of Eastern Shore place that raffles off guns, just so you know.

              I personally like The Narrows, on Kent Island. They used to do a killer Oysters Benedict. While a little early for local crabs, it is prime oyster season.

              1. re: nosey

                Holly's is on the westbound side of Route 50 in Grasonville, just before the Kent Narrows bridge. It is definitely a throwback kind of place to the Eastern Shore of 20 years ago or more. Although I don't think the food is great, I still love to stop there, and almost always get their fried chicken, which they are known for. I'm a dark meat fan, and I appreciate that they let you order whatever pieces you want for their platters -- and you get a couple of sides of traditional country fare. I'm glad that Holly's is still there and I try to give them my business whenever I can. It is definitely worth a try for lunch -- MD crab soup, crabcakes, lots of good local choices.

          2. In Stevensville there is a place called Love Point Cafe, was nice when I was there. Good crab soup. I take first exit after bridge take a left, then first right, I think(and I'm probably wrong) that it is route18. It was a nice local place.

            1. The Narrows is the place. Ask for a table on the water . The children will keep occupied watching the boats. They have a good kids menu. Take the first exit after crossing the Kent Narrows Bridge and bear to the right. You will go back.