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Apr 4, 2007 09:42 AM

Please help -- Where to go for your favorite CALIFORNIA ROLL?

I've got a young nephew coming into town, and I've been tasked by this self-styled gourmand to take him to the best California Roll that Los Angeles has to offer.

While I love sushi and sashimi, I normally don't partake in rolls of any kind.

So I need some help.

I was thinking R23? Or maybe Mia Sushi in Eagle Rock? Nishimura?

Any suggestions?

Thanks as always.

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  1. i once took some ca rolls to some kids that absolutely love them, but these were made from real crab. they thought it tasted weird. If I have to eat them, I prefer them to be made with real crab, but the kids liked it better with the mock crab.

    Anyways, I like the ones Koi in Seal Beach makes. But then again, I never order it anywhere, anymore. More like you, in that I prefer sushi and sashimi as well.

          1. re: PaulF

            Sasabune does not do California rolls -- too culinarily gauche for the rather strict (some would say "anal") chef ...

            1. re: PaulF

              There's a large sign that says that they absolutely do NOT do California Rolls or Spicy Tuna Rolls.

              Still love that chilled toro sushi there, though. Worth the price of admission alone.

        1. I'm not sure if they actually make California Rolls, but my first thought was California Roll Factory (not to be confused with California Roll and Sushi factory) on Santa Monica between Federal and Barrington. The rolls they make have silly sounding names, and they're definitely not the freshest in town, but they're decent and kids might like all the drawings of the rolls on the wall. My favorite is the Greg Roll, which comes with an addictive dipping sauce.

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          1. re: PandanExpress

            I was just at California Roll Factory a few days ago. They made my order super fast. I like the roll that's called "Some like em hot". It's spicy tuna roll with some other stuff in it.

          2. I don't know if they're "the best," but Gin Sushi (east Pasadena, on Colorado, between Madre and Rosemead on the north side of the street) makes a good California roll - also lots of "special rolls" that are variations on the California roll (shrimp tempura roll, etc.). They also have good (not the best, but has always been fresh when we've gone) sushi and sashimi options for those so inclined.

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            1. re: ElsieDee

              Too bad they're so rude at Gin, don't make the kids suffer! I like Kiyosuzu on Baldwin and Duarte. I went there after reading the recs on chowhound. They have a variety of rolls and are as decent as Gin but with way better service.

              1. re: willwork4food

                I've not had rude service at Gin - hurried, yes (as in the servers were moving fast, not like they were trying to rush us out), but always polite and attentive. We were there on Saturday night and the place was crazy full, but we were well-tended to and didn't have to flag down a server for anything (er, except for the bill, which was delivered to the booth behind us, while we got theirs). And it was service with a smile and a nod from all of those on the floor that we interacted with.

                I'll have to check out Kiyosuzu, as a regular dining partner thinks that the "rolls" are the best part of a sushi experience (but he is getting better about sampling what I order, thankfully).

                1. re: ElsieDee

                  You must've have been the lucky ones...unfortunately we were rushed out while the waitress and manager stared at us...waiting. When you go to Kiyosuzu try the Spicy Cat's Eye Roll. IIRC, it's spicy tuna deep fried in tempura with a ponzu sauce. YUMMMM.

            2. My favorite place for rolls of any kind is called Hamasaku.

              It's on Santa Monica Boulevard, just east of the 405 Freeway. It's in a strip mall with a Carvel Ice Cream place. I really like all the rolls I've had there.