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Apr 4, 2007 09:38 AM

Where to eat in Fort Myers?

I am visiting Fort Myers from NYC at the end of April, and was wondering where to eat? I know it's a broad question, but any suggestions are welcome! I am hoping to eat at some great seafood restaurants, whether divey or classy, and anything else that I should definitely not miss while in the area.

Thank you in advance!

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  1. The standard go-here-directly-from-the-airport is the Shrimp Shack just north of Daniels on Metro. Divey, sort of, but good shrimp, etc.

    Bonefish Grill is a chain but you'd never know. Amazing upscale food.

    Most really good seafood places are on Sanibel/Captiva or in Naples. DO NOT MISS Grouper and Chips in Bonita Springs, on the way to Naples. While in Naples, hit Randy's Fishmarket on US41. Grouper and Chips is a dive but the best. Randy's is even better.

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    1. re: orangemiles

      I have to agree with the Randy's Fishmarket suggestion. Nothing fancy, but solid food.

      Blu Sushi is also good if you like sushi and martinis. It is a bit of a scene though, so if you're off put by that, I wouldn't go.

      This is a recent guilty pleasure of mine, but if you are on Ft. Myers Beach, Plaka, this little Greek place, makes a great gyro. Not sure how authentic, but of the places on the beach, it is my favorite.

      1. re: ArikaDawn

        Randy's Fishmarket looks so delicious--I can't wait to visit! Grouper and Chips sounds great too--I'll be eating as much grouper as possible! I'll look out for Plaka, too! Thank you!

        (Any more suggestions are welcome, of course!)

    2. Highlight meal of my annual trip to Fort Myers last month was Sasse's, on Evans. Huge portions of excellent Italian food, much of it prepared in their woodburning oven. I really enjoyed my veal piccata, and my mom's eggplant parm was among the best I've ever tasted. Very friendly and accomodating service, only open for dinner Tu-Sat.

      I second the rec for Bonefish Grill -- Excellent fresh fish, cooked to order (I like mine grilled with a char but not overcooked) at very reasonable prices.

      1. In the classy category, there's Cru in the Bell Tower shops on US 41. And in the looks-like-a-dive-from-the-outside-but-has-classy-food category, don't miss Wyld's Cafe on Bonita Beach Rd, just south of Ft. Myers.

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          I will second the Wylds recommendation. Tried it for the first time the past weekend and really enjoyed the food and atmosphere.

        2. Everyone's mentioned my favorites. Take a look at recent reviews of Wylds:

          Love Randy's and Bonefish Grill - don't miss them.

          Also, Tokyo Bay for great sushi and teppenyaki - fun night out and great food. I think it's Naples but might be Bonita Beach.

          1. Try Patio 33 in downtown Fort Myers. It is relatively new, but the chef/owner is Alsatian and they do some wonderful rotisserie dishes and some other dishes that are very creative by SW Fla standards.