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local grass-fed beef distributors

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am opening a mex restaurant and want to support local farmers, etc while avoiding hormone injections.
can't buy sides of beef or whole cows/pigs, etc. but want to buy local.
any suggestions?

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  1. Check out the people who sell at the Green City Market (the big farmer's market at the south end of Lincoln Park):


    1. My company, Dietzler Farms, supplies dry aged beef to restaurants throughout the area. It is all raised on my family farm in Elkhorn, WI. I deliver fresh every Thursday!

        1. You may want to checkout Seven Sons Farms. They deliver to Chicago.
          More info: http://www.sevensons.net/

          1. Tallgrass Beef is located in Kansas, but it's founded by a Chicagoan (a famous one, in fact). www.tallgrassbeef.com

            1. Liberty Family Farms in Hart, MI does a meat CSA and is at the Green City Market every month. All their meat is grass-fed. You can google their name for contact info.

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