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Apr 4, 2007 08:22 AM

HELP! Need to find a Great Pub on the Upper West Side?

Hi...I'm heading to NYC and though I used to live there I'm way out of the loop on what's good there now. Meeting with friends who want to go to a great pub. We have to stick to the Upper West Side (I'm more familiar with the East side)...

Any suggestions?


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  1. Unfortunately, the UWS is a deadzone for good pubs in my opinion. I haven't been yet, but the new PJ Clarke's just opened by Lincoln Center so that might be an option...

    1. Some possibilities:
      The Dublin House on 79th, just off B'way, is an old standby.

      Also, the All -State, on 72nd is a nice pub like place, with great burgers.

      Finally, the Abbey, on W. 105th, between B'way and Amsterdam.

      1. Does it have to be an Irish pub? Or are you using that word generically?

        I like Dive 75 on 75th and... Amsterdam? Great beer and wine selection, quiet enough if it's not Saturday night, Connect Four and other games on the tables. There are a lot of much dive-ier places in the 80s if that is what you are after.

        1. A resounding second for the Abbey Pub on 105th, this would be my first choice. Also for the Dublin House.

          The Firehouse on Columbus and 85th is pretty good.

          1. The Parlour 86th and Bdway