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Apr 4, 2007 07:50 AM

What is the Best restaurant for fish in Astoria?

Going to dinner Thursday, in the mood for fish, would love suggestions.


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  1. I like Elias' Corner, but haven't been there in over a year.

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    1. re: MRich

      I love Taverna Kyclades on Ditmars Boulevard.

      1. re: melon

        i have not been here, but know about a dozen people who LOVE it.

        1. re: melon

          I'll second this recommendation. Great fish, perfectly prepared.

          1. re: melon

            I love Taverna Kyclades. The freshest fish and seafood, simply and deliciously prepared.


              1. re: Cail

                I think their grilled or broiled fish dishes are the best. I have enjoyed grilled whole fish, broiled scallops, broiled filet, and the grilled shrimp are generally amazing:- large, sweet and tender. almost like eating mini lobster tails. I also enjoy the fried calamari, although others on the board may not be in agreement. Haven't had it, but I have also heard raves about the grilled calamari. The salads and apps. are pretty good as well. The sides (lemon potato, pilaf, beets or horta) are just okay though.
                If you go, let us know how you enjoyed your meal.

                1. re: mshpook

                  So, went to Kyclades last week.
                  Greek Salad- predictable
                  Grape Leaves - Excellent
                  Veggie Chips- excellent
                  Fried Calamari- very tender
                  Red Snapper- good, but extremely expensive

                  Horta was interesting and the lemon potatos aren't as good as at Stamatis. (which i've been boycotting after one evening of TERRIBLE service)

                  Thanks for the suggestion- I really enjoyed my dinner there.