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Apr 4, 2007 07:37 AM

Saturday Breakfast in Carrboro/ Chapel Hill

I love getting up early on saturday and heading to the farmer's market in Carrboro (this is a bit of a drive for me so i don't get to do it as often as i would like). If the weather is nice I usually follow this up with breakfast at weaver street on the lawn... however what to do if the weather isn't so nice, like this weekend! I know Weaver street has indoor seating but it isn't the same. Any recommendations for post-farmer's market breakfast in the area before I make the treck back home??


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  1. Well, everybody else in town will be at Elmo's, so if you don't want to stand around for an hour waiting for a table, I wouldn't necessarily recommend that. I know the interior of WSM isn't as attractive as the lawn, but it's probably where I would end up, with a plateful of croissants & a cup of coffee. How much breakfast are you looking for?

    Then again, early for me on a Saturday is usually "out of the house a little before noon," which opens up a lot more options . . . my Saturday breakfast of choice would be Fiesta Grill or Sandwhich, in other words. I think they both open at 11:00. Mmm, huevos rancheros.

    In an attempt to completely redirect your whole query, let me just mention that the Durham Farmer's Market opens this Saturday the 7th, and that date also marks the addition of Saturday morning hours for the Rue Cler bakery/cafe.

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      I love the Durham market too, but I have family in town and we are spending Friday in Durham at the Life Science Museum (and Locopops!) so I thought saturday would be carrboro and chapel hill. I don't know what time we will make it out there, if it is me i am usually there pretty early, but they have kids so we might be more in the early lunch realm. where is fiesta grill?

      I will have to make it to rue cler for breakfast... i have had a really great dinner there!

      1. re: jean9

        Fiesta Grill is about 5 miles west on highway 54 from Carrboro . . . you go out Jones Ferry & get on 54 west, go about 5 miles, and look for the closed Texaco station on the right. It's next door.

        Brunch-wise, they've got 3-4 egg-based dishes (huevos rancheros, eggs scrambled with chorizo, etc) but it's pretty much mexican food, so don't really think of it as a full-blown "breakfast" alternative. It's yummy, though.

    2. Depends on what you mean by breakfast. Don't be dissuaded from going to Elmo's - how crowded depends on when you get there. It's kind of like I once heard a place in SF's Mission District described - if you get there before 11 you're a poser, if you get there after 12 you may not get a table. If you're more of a coffee & pastry type, Open Eye Cafe is just down the block and has croissants and such.

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      1. re: kerdragon

        a poser for breakfast...really? i guess i can see that in san francisco.

        1. re: jean9

          I could care less what people think of me based on the time of day I choose to eat breakfast.

          But I've gotta ask, kerdragon -- Tartine, right? If so, *that's* why my friends always wanted to go when it was super-crowded!!!

          But lest I get deleted by the Chowers That Be...Jean9, you mentioned that you have a bit of a drive. If you're headed south toward 64, you could stop by the Old Granary at Fearrington or Chatham Marketplace in Pittsboro. But I've probably got less than a 25% chance of getting your direction right!

          1. re: peetoteeto

            Don't recall the name of the place, as I'm not familiar with SF. It was just one of those comments that sticks with you. jean9, if you're there late enough Panzanella is open for lunch (the Weaver Street-owned restaurant around the corner, at the opposite end of Carr Mill from Elmo's), though they only do brunch on Sundays. It's more expensive than Elmo's or Weaver Street, but not half as crowded. It's also a nice outdoor dining option when the weather is good.

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              i actually usually do a big loop and head down ferrington way. I have never eaten at any of the places there. Is the old granary right in sort of the main area with all the other shops etc?

              1. re: jean9

                It is indeed. Turn into the village and head left. It's next to the bookstore.

                I liked it when we went, though the service wasn't very good. This was shortly after the rebranding and upscaling from the cafe incarnation, so the kinks might be worked out.

                Brunch starts at 10am:

                Knowing that you're headed south, there is Citrus in the Southern Village area. Never been there. Probably busy on Saturday.

                Must. Find. Mute button!!!

                1. re: peetoteeto

                  OMG... where did they get that music! Thanks for the recs.

                  1. re: jean9

                    You'll find a few reviews of Citrus, decidedly mixed (ie love it/hate it) here:

                  2. re: peetoteeto

                    Bleh! Who's idea was the Old Granary?

                    Oh wait, that was mine.

                    In a cruel twist of fate, I ended up going with my family to the Granary for Easter brunch. Not too crowded at all -- lots of families, ties and older people.

                    Scant menu: eggs a plenty, but no "winter storm" items like french toast, waffles, pancakes, etc. Stupid $7 smoothie option as well.

                    Service was AWFUL. Long wait, wrong items brought out (or not brought out at all), no drink refills. Waiter had four tables including us, so it's not like he was overwhelmed.

                    Even though it's close to the house and pretty and all, we won't be back. Two times, both with terrible service.

                    It reflects poorly on the Fearrington brand. Sorry, jean9 about the original recommendation. If you went there, here's hoping you had a better experience.

                    1. re: peetoteeto

                      Actually we did eat at Weaver street, it was fast and I needed to buy bread and milk anyway. Thanks for all the recs from everyone. We spent a chilly morning at the farmer's market but were rewarded with wonderful strawberries that actually had some flavor to them this early in the season and a beautiful bone-in pork loin from Cane Creek Farms that became the centerpiece to Easter dinner. Excellent if freezing cold morning!

          2. You could hit Foster's Market on Airport Road . . . I mean, Historic Airport Road a.k.a. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. More expensive than Weaver Street, but on the plus side, the eggs won't have been sitting out on a steam table all morning. Fairly kid-friendly.

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            1. re: dubedo

              Great outdoor seating as well... (Fosters)

              1. re: btc1951

                That's kinda far from the farmer's market. There are several places on Franklin/ Rosemary that would be closer.

                1. re: kerdragon

                  I want to show them around UNC-Chapel Hill after breakfast so I don't want to journey too far, unless it is too cold. Or we end up heading the Fearington Village for breakfast as was suggested above.

            2. I am pretty picky about eating out, that said, Breadmen's has a really good breakfast: blueberry or pecan pancakes, good biscuits, and everything else. coffee is at least better than most places too.

              1. I've really been loving Crooks Corner for Sunday brunch...I've gone 3-4 times in the past 2 months for Sunday brunch and I've always enjoyed far as I can tell, they serve my favorite eggs benedict in CH. The country ham is a bit salty, but I prefer it that way...

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                1. re: inmybackpages

                  I didn't know that they serve brunch. Is it usually busy? I've been meaning to try them for a while now. So many restaurants, so little time...