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Apr 4, 2007 07:32 AM

Visiting San Antonio

I am visiting San Antonio for two nights and am looking for two authentic moderately priced restaurants to try along the Riverwalk area for dinner. My colleague and I have never been to Texas before and won't be returning to Texas for at least a few years. Any recommendations?

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  1. For dining on the river, "Casa Rio" is a staple. Expect a long wait if you hit the dinner rush, though. But if you visit mid-week, not a problem. The food is decent, but come for the atmosphere and the CHEAP prices. With what you save eating at Casa Rio, try swinging a trip to Las Canarias, located at the La Mansion Omni hotel right on the river. The menu is full of local flavors, the wine selection and sommelier are top notch, and the service is impeccable.

    1. Although the Riverwalk is nice, you are going to be in the midst of the tourist restaurants. For a little more authentic experience, head over to Market Square (nearby) and eat at La Margarita or Mi Tierra. Both are on the cheaper side and will help you stay on budget. At La Margarita, I highly recommend you order the queso flameado...very tasty.

      1. I think the best restaurants on the Riverwalk are Boudro's, Biga on the Banks, The Fig Tree, Pesca and Las Canarias - they're all fairly expensive for here but if you're from New York, say, you'll think they're very reasonable! Perhaps you could do one of those for one night and then Casa Rio, Mi Tierra, La Margarita, Rio Rio or Cafe Ole, all very reasonable, the other.

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          I second Biga. Bruce Auden's food hits the spot on every visit.

        2. MiTierra in the market area. Much better than the riverwalk. Regular visitors to San Antonio eat here. The river is a great place to visit, but relax at MiTierra!

          1. Also we are looking for recommendations for good margaritas. My colleague who never drinks has agreed to have a margarita. Thank you!

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              Honestly, most of these places have good margaritas. SA palates are generally pretty demanding when it comes to margaritas and most places will offer a good handmade top shelf variety. Just walk by the bar and make sure you don't see any bottles of green Margarita Mix