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Apr 4, 2007 07:18 AM

Bari Gotic traditional

Been staying Bari Gotic in barcelona for a few days now, and will be here for antother week. Not all that in love with place, to many ugly tourist from all around (such as myself). Having trouble seperating the good from the bad as everything is driven by mobs. Was hoping to find a quiet traditional place (not upscale) in or around here. Thanks in advanced....

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  1. Why not get yourself up to the Passeig de Gracia neighborhood (definitely away from La Rambla) and try out some of the restaurants there... or on Diagonal.

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      Can do. any suggestions in that area?

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        I think you mean the Gracia neighbourhood (passeig de gracia isn't exactly un-touristy). In gracia, you could try La Singular (C/Francisco Giner, 50, better for lunch than dinner) and Goliard (C/Progres 6).

      2. You aren't that far from Barceloneta, so if you want traditional Catalan seafood and rice dishes away from crowds, try Can Ros at Almirall Aixada no. 7. You can walk or just take the metro from Jaume I to the Barceloneta stop. Don't be tempted to go to any of the other places you see on the way...just focus on your destination and you won't be disappointed!

        And I agree, Gotic is a bit much if what you want is to get away from the tourists. But, there are some good restaurants in the neighborhood. Have you tried Los Caracoles?

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          actually found nice place called cafe de l´academia on llebo. I believe its gotten some press and fair number of Americans, but the food was spot on. And not the sense that they were catering to only the tourist. So easy to get by serving crap to the throngs....

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            Just be careful in Barconleta - sitting at a restaurant on the waterfront we watched 2 purses snatched during our lunch alone!

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              @Torta Basilica:Bcn used to be a very quiet and calm city;currently,it's still safe but the presence of Romanian,Bosnian and Moroccan mobs has increased the rate pf petty crime to "big European city" standards ( ie Rome,Paris etc).

              @Driggs:There are lots of great places you should not miss:

              1-"Commerç 24 " At Commerç 24 street ( http ://
              )Great tapas innovations,fantastic service and good wine selection.Under direction of Carles Abellán,a longtime cook of "El Bulli".

              2-Inopià- A tapas bar that has been recently opend by Ferrán Adriàs brother
              Tamarit 104

              3-Cal Pep - Plaza Les Olles.

              Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Spain!

              E.from Madrid.

          2. How about Set Portes on P de Isabella, supposedly the 2nd oldest restaurant in Barca.
            Cal Pep - very good, worth the wait, IMO. (in El Born)
            Taller de Tapas - kind of an old standby (in El Born)
            Also Senyor Parrellada (check spelling) - also very good in El Born.
            All the El Born places are pretty good.

            Les Quinze Nits is very popular with tourists. Its fine. Every American who doesn't like the food in Spain that I tell to go there, loves it.

            1. A couple of old school catalan places in the BG:

              Cardoner, C/Ample 46, 93 315 2260
              Old school Catalan cooking in smartish surroundings. Businessmen and middle aged couples lunching. Snooty maitresse d' sneered when I asked to look at the menú del dia but warmed up considerably when we ordered Girona steaks - which were very good (and fab chips). V generous portions. Also had a good, if a bit soggy for me, fideua, and enormous plate of baby cuttlefish in their ink. Good for trad Cat cuisine which is getting harder to find in fusion-fashion-frenzied BCN. Mid-price. (cut and pasted from my post in another forum)

              Also try the menu del dia at La Cassola on C/Sant Sever in the Call part of the BG, just down the street from the Hotel Neri. Interesting catalan dishes and lots of locals having lunch. Good and friendly service (rarity) too.

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                What an unpolite and rude maitresse : Why did she sneered down on you,just because you asked for the "Menú del día"?No Spaniard would tolerate such rude behaviour.

                By the way,"Fideuá" is typical from Valencia and ALicante but not from Catalonia.

                Glad you enjoyed your meal,though.