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Apr 4, 2007 06:18 AM

Lamberts- huh?

we went to Lamberts for the first time last night. while we were pleased with the overall quality of the food, it was not a particularly impressive experience. service was terrible. our waiter was mia for most of the meal. after waiting about 25 minutes for our main course, waiter was still mia and when we did track him down, we had to ask for cornbread after seeing it on other people's tables. the sides were $6 and supposedly "family style" which to me makes me think of a large bowl you share. no. try a side dish size. a large bullet of ranch style beans with a little feta on top? when we got our main course, the portions, too were very small.

i don't mind paying a little more for a nice meal, but I thought that the "wow" factor was missing in this place, as well as some sustenance. Here's a tip... if you want a great bbq/southern type meal in Austin, go to the Salt Lick or Hoovers.

has anyone else been there?

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    1. After hearing rave rave reviews in an Austin publication, I finally dragged my boyfriend and some out of town friends there Sunday night. Sadly, it was only "okay". Some things were good, such as the cauliflower gratin and ribs appetizer, but really, nothing else was anything special. I was surprised. After hearing such wonderful reviews I expected something.....more. Left feeling disappointed.
      I second your review, MBrox. Head else where for good BBQ, and if you're feeling 2nd Street trendy, go to the other side of City Hall.