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Apr 4, 2007 05:52 AM

Easter brunch - Chapel Hill, NC area

Where are you folks going for a great Easter brunch, if you're going out? The one at the Carolina Inn is $45/person - eek! Out of my price range. Any other ideas? It might be too late to get a reservation anyway, but I just thought I'd look into it.

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  1. The news and observer had a list of places that would be serving brunch on Easter. You might want to check that out: (bottom of page).

    1. It may take a miracle to get a reservation for Crook's Corner but certainly worth the try.
      After you eat, it may be nice to take a stroll through the Twin's Garden on Gimghoul Circle. A pair of sister's who have lived and gardened together for many years (they are actively elderly) open their stunning outdoor wonderland for wanderers. Nice way to walk off desert. "The Garden is Open" is a book by pam pease and be found about the garden.

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        Thanks for the great ideas! Next year I will definitely have to get a reservation at Crook's Corner way ahead of time, because that sounds perfect for what we want.

      2. A little late on the post considering it is Easter today - but Piedmont is open for brunch today and every Sunday. Delicious brunch menu (IMHO).

        1. La Residence is having a brunch buffet too (Downtown Chapel Hill) - $30/person