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Apr 4, 2007 05:12 AM

Kittery Point area lunch

Greetings Chowhounds, we are planning to go on the kitchen tour April 7 in the Kittery Point area. We'll need to have lunch someplace and the only place we are familiar with (besides Chauncy Creek) is a small seafood restaurant on that road. We'd love to find a great lobster roll this time of year but fried clams would be good, too. Or, anything. We like asian restaurants, great sandwich places, etc. We would prefer not to drive back into Portsmouth for lunch because there are 8 kitchens to tour (tour ends at 3pm). Thanks for your help.

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  1. There is a restaurant called Bosson's Landing up Rt. 1 north on the way to Ogunquit (maybe 2 miles from Kittery Trading Post, maybe a little more). They have good seafood, fairly reasonable. If you want to go further up the road (maybe 5 miles?) there is the Lobster Barn, near Ogunquit. Check to see if it's open for lunch, sometimes it is, not sure this time of year. That's another good one if you can in. And, if you really want to travel, go up to Mike's Clam Shack in Wells. Can't go wrong there. When we're in Maine, we will drive anywhere between Kittery and Wells for a good lunch--oh, and dinner too! :-))

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      I like the York Harbor Inn. The restaurant has great food, and a beautiful view from the dining room and it is not far from Kittery.

    2. Just up the road, near the outlets is The Weathervane...not the nicest place but decent fried clams...and their competitor across the street...Bob's clam hut or something like that.

      Also, Robert's Maine Grill is a little more upscale but provides oysters clams etc. I liked the atmosphere as we sat at the bar.

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        Warren's Lobster restaurant in Kittery just across the bridge from Portsmouth NH. I found it very good last summer and was only prevented a week or so ago due to hugh crowds for lunch. So go early or be prepared to wait for a table. Not an insurmontable task but I was not in the mood at the time. I drove a short distance north on 103 stopping at Cap'n Simeon's - great view, food not so much, I should have waited in line at Warren's.

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          Thanks for the great recommendations. Simeon's would have been a good choice because of it's location to the tour. I remember eating there in the past and enjoying the view but thought lunch might take too long. I chose Crooked Lane Cafe, again because it was convenient for a quick lunch. It feels like a neighborhood place but wasn't busy on Saturday. (wondered where the other tour people ate) Knowing my husband loves the Greek chicken soup at his favorite lunch place I suggested we have the soup of the day which was lemon chicken soup and split a Manwhich. Great choices on both. They graciously presented the sandwich on two plates each with a decent amount of oriental slaw. I loved the taste of the slaw esp since it seems every other sandwich place is served bulk pre-made cole slaw. The sandwich was wonderful - roast beef topped with roasted red peppers, red onion and may on a ciabatto (sp) roll. The roll itself was delicious. The soup had an intense chicken flavor but sparse on chicken which was ok except my husband's favorite lunch place makes theirs very thick with rice and chicken. (Chief's in Penacook NH) Unfortunately after the tour we headed south and back to NH. After some shopping (we like the oriental grocery in Portsmouth near Fox Run Mall) we decided to have fried clams at Newicks for old times' sake. Clams and scallops were as good as we remembered but they use bulk cole slaw and for the money the place in Porpoise Cove that Ratatouille recommended looks a lot better and tastier. Have made a mental note for future reference. We also probably made a big mistake not stopping at Enoteca's but I had oriental cooking on the brain. We've been to the Kittery Point area before but never had the chance to inspect some of the kitchens in the homes there. The tour consisted of 9 kitchens,all wondeful even if not a style we would choose. (We are planning a complete new kitchen this fall.) We were envious of the views and wonderful outside dining areas we saw. Started soon after 10, stopped for quick lunch and then resumed the tour didn't leave much time or energy for much shopping. Foolishly failed to find Stonewall Kitchen's location in York and couldn't find it. Maybe their new location doesn't have the pale olive walls and cream woodwork that we remembered from a long ago visit to their Camden store. Obviously from the suggested Kittery shops, the Portsmouth oriental market, etc. this area is a good place for specialty food shopping. Thanks for all the recommendations. Another visit in the summer would be wonderful ... when we could try the gelato!

      2. A great sandwich place in kittery is Crooked Lane Cafe in Kittery Forside, 70 Wallingford Square, near one of the entrances to the shipyard. Very convenient, quick and great food and coffee.

        Also in kittery is a fantastic buritto/taco/etc shop, Loco Cocos Tacos, . Awesome tacos, chips, salads.. very authentic...

        Then stop at Cacao Chocalates for some out of this world truffles, 64 Government Street,

        On your way out of town, stop by some of the fantastic local purveyors of fine food, Enoteca Italian, Beach Pea Baking, Terra Cotta Pasta... all are great! and all located near Loco Cocos.....

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            Enoteca has moved up the street...approx quarter of a mile from Loco Cocos Tacos. A right at the bank if you are driving North. I was there 2 or 3 weeks ago. Excellent cheese, cured meats and Italian wines.

            I hope it hasn't closed since!!

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              No, I just knew that it had closed when it was located near Beach Pea and the pasta place. Didn;t know it had relocated. Thanks.

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                Check out the new space, Chris and his team have done a fantastic job with it, its much better than his old one on Rt 1. Might have gelato in the summer!!

        1. It may be a bit more north than you wanted to go, but I was driving up the coast once exploring the area, and found my way to a place called Porpoise Cove, just past Kennebunkport, where I discovered this place:

          The food was excellent, and the place was really nice. The bar where I ate is situated below the restaurant, at the bottom of a short ramp.

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            For clarification the area is Cape Porpoise and the restaurant under the Pier is called the Ramp. Great suggestion, this really is a great place for lunch or dinner. Innovative food and nice service.