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Apr 4, 2007 12:48 AM

In Photos: A Trio of SF Tasting Menu (Mina, Masa's, Dining Room) with a Keller Duet (Ad Hoc, Bouchon)

I was on travel in the City for a few days so I just had to check out some of San Francisco's more notable restaurants. Food wise, I'd give Mina a (very) slight edge. For service, the Dining Room wins hands down.

I also was up in Napa for a bit. I had wanted to to do a Thomas Keller trifecta but unfortunately couldn't get reservations at the Laundry. However, I did visit the restaurant and was able to secure reservations in person thanks to the help of Ed Keller, so I'll be returning to dine there in May. A photo blog will be posted, naturally.

See all the food photos below:

Michael Mina:


Dining Room:

Ad Hoc & Bouchon:

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  1. More!!

    thanks a lot, particularly for the Masa photoset where Ive never been and wouldnt ordinarily think to go. keep it up, you give great descriptions and take great pictures! the prawn sashimi with shrimp heads at the ritz is to this day one of my top 5 bites ever.

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      Yes indeed. We haven't had a report on Masa's in a long time -- I have to say it looked really good (more to my taste than the Ritz menu).

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      1. I LOVED that quail egg dish at the Ritz. The waiter told me it was cooked for 45 minutes!!!! yet the texture was just past poached. I had to ask twice to make sure (he may have even said an hour). Can one sous vide eggs? How does that work?

        While the whole cedar smoke thing might seem precious, it actually reall made the dish.

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          I had no idea about the egg. But I remember it did have a fascinating texture, so I guess the sous vide-style cooking would explain it. You're spot on about the cedarwood though!

        2. I love when people post these photoblogs of great restaurants! Yours are great, thanks for posting them! I'm jealous!