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Apr 4, 2007 12:07 AM

Cooperstown restaurant information please

Hoping to head up to Cooperstown in the fall with SO to go to Omegang (sp?) brewery - already planning - any good recommendations for restaurants in the area?

Want to avoid the tourist traps - we're into almost any food with the exception of Chinese (we have it all the time by us) - money is not much of an issue but the food must be great! Probably have 2-3 breakfasts, lunches, dinners - plus somewhere where we can find high quality snacky sorts of things to go with said purchased beer would be great! Thanks!

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  1. I was in the area last fall and have no particular rec's but will note that the vast majority of restaurants had very limited hours/days open, so during the week your choices will be very narrow (and call ahead to confirm!). Some of those small Catskill Mt. towns to the east of Cooperstown were ghost towns.

    I take it you're going to an Ommegang "event"?

    If not, note that Ommegang, while a beautiful building in a fantastic setting, is a working brewery (as opposed to a brewpub) with a very perfunctory "tour" (not very informative, depending on the guide) and tastings are small in a cramped room, and poured from previously opened bottles (no draught). Also, the beers are priced the same or higher than one usually sees them at retail and they were out of any special bottlings, like their Cave Aged bottles, when I was there. Their cheese was actually the highlight of the tour for me.

    1. Where are you driving from and what will your route be? For instance, are you driving through the Catskills?

      1. The Blue Mingo Grill is wonderful and lakeside. The Otesaga is not worth visiting. In Oneonta there is Brook's which is a well renowned bbq (chicken) mostly place - solid, but not great. There are a few other places worth mentioning and I will post again with their names. If you are going to Ommegang go to the Cooperstown Brewery also (they make Old Slugger). There are some good restaurants in Oneonta and if you give a direction of travel I can recommend some along the way.

        1. Travel 10-15 to Fly Creek. We had a very nice experience at Portebello's.

          If you want to travel 1/2 hour, The Horned Dorset in Leonardsville is worth the trip.

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            Thank you for all the info - I was actually thinking we would go at a time when there won't be an "event'" and based on what JessKidden said I'm wondering if it's worth it - but maybe that and the Cooperstown brewery together will be nice. We're driving from Jersey - have no idea what route we're taking yet -

            I am going to note all these restaurants down and figure out where we'll go while we're there - thanks!

          2. If you're coming up route 17, there's a sandwich/wrap place in Roscoe called Buffalo Bob's? Anyway, their wraps and coffee drinks are good.

            Cooperstown has some of the best food around the area. The Hoffman Lane Bistro (near the hall of fame) serves very good bistro style food, Alex and Ika on Main experiments with a lot of flavor, Yum-yum shack on Route 28 is more ambitious than it's name sounds and also serves good food. Red Neck Grill has simple fare, but very well prepared, pecan pie is terrific. Especially during baseball camp season it can be noisy. The Cooperstown Diner on Main is a favorite breakfast place. I hear The Otesaga is also recommended for breakfast with a view of the lake, you don't have to do the buffet. The Blue Mingo is also good, again with a view, for lunch, drinks or dinner.
            Schneider's Bakery has excellent donuts.
            There's a new cheese store on Route 28 between Milford and Cooperstown, they carry local cheese and food products. Saturday mornings there is the Cooperstown Farmers Market next to Doubleday Field. Aside from meats and produce, there will be local cheese, preserves, pies and the English Baker with his collection of wares.

            The American Hotel serves good food, and you can take a self-guided tour of the old spa town, Sharon Springs. The Horned Dorset in Leonardsville also has an excellent reputation. In Cherry Valley I've been wanting to try the Rose and Kettle, I hear it's good. All are open for dinner on weekends, call ahead, some suggest reservations. The Black Cat Cafe in Sharon Springs serves a good lunch.

            East of Milford, at the Middlefield Airport there is a fly-in breakfast the 3rd (?) Sunday of every warmer-weather month. Pancakes, sausages, eggs - a big inexpensive breakfast and maybe some (small) interesting aircraft to investigate. You'll also see a lot of the locals: the fly-ins come from nearby, like Sharon Springs.

            I haven't experienced all of these directly, but there seems to be a local consensus that they are worth the effort. I'm closer to Oneonta, but prefer the food in the Cooperstown and Milford area.

            Omegang usually has food at their events.

            Peak foliage in the area should be a week either side of 10/10. Check the Daily Star in Oneonta for calendar of events closer to your stay. They also publish the Cooperstown Crier. It will be a beautiful time of year to be up here, but then it always is.

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              I strongly second Hoffman Lane. It's by far and away the best food to be had in Cooperstown and in a charming setting too. Seasonal, somewhat inventive, small but decent wine list. That's where we go every time we're in Cooperstown (usually once a year).