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Chinese Breakfast

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OK...I looked this up and it has been awhile since this has been addressed.

What is your favorite place for Chinese breakfast and what do you like to order there.

I like Caanan in Cerritos and like many of the breakfast items including the salty soy bean milk, this beef sandwhich type thing (sorry, don't know what it is called), fried chives cake and the various dumplings, even their xlb, among other items.

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  1. Haven't found a transcendent Chinese breakfast, but it's just plain comfort food for me so I don't expect that much. There is a small place in the Hong Kong supermarket in Rowland Heights which is always packed and pretty good. All the standard fare like sweet/salty soy milk, fried crullers (you tiao), shao bing, glutinous rice with crullers (fan tuan), curry dumplings, etc.

    Yung Ho Tou Chiang in San Gabriel is one of the more popular places for this, but my dad thinks the food is sort of "conveyer belt" tasting.

    1. Agreed that Yung Ho is "conveyer belt" tasting these days. I remember it being great when I was a kid. Now, the food ranges from mediocre to inedible.

      Yi Mei has a branch inside the Hong Kong Supermarket Plaza and another one in Monterey Park. Both are good.

      My favorite, however, is four Seas on Hacienda and Halliburton in Hacienda Heights. They have the best variety of breakfast foods, and everything is hot and fresh due to high turnover.

      Here are my photos. You can see how many menu items there are even if you can't read Chinese, and that's only half the menu. Plus there's a fridge with take home things like bao zi and dumplings.


      1. Yum Cha Cafe in the San Gabriel Valley Superstore complex is good (SW corner of San Gabriel Blvd. and Valley).

        Won Tin BBQ is also good.

        1. Furthermore, anyplace in Orange County?

          1. Where is Caanan located?

            My favorite is still Yung Ho in Rosemead off of Valley Blvd. Their soy bean milk is good and their you tiaos cannot be beat. I hate eating soggy or cold you tiaos.

            I heard that Noodle House in Arcadia off of Las Tunas is not bad, but I've never been.

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              Oops, spelled it incorrectly. 605 off South St. on the south side (right)
              11610 1/2 South Street
              Artesia, CA 90701 (562) 809-8369

            2. My favorite place so far is still Yi Mei on Atlantic, south of Garvey, kind of in the same plaza as the restaurant that replaced New Concept. The only downside is that it's not English friendly and everything they have up on the wall is in Chinese. The lady behind the counter used to scare me with her gruffness (and still does, a little) but she's pretty helpful telling you what you should eat.

              The BF and my usual breakfast there is:
              xian dou fu hua (su) - salty tofu curd porridge/soup. They can prepare it vegetarian style (without the dried shrimp).

              su fan tuan - vegetarian oil-stick (chinese cruller?) rolled up with some sort of cruncy savory peanut stuff and then rolled up in rice, kind of like a giant sushi roll sans the seaweed. These are great dipped in some hot chili oil and the xian doufu hua

              They also have the beef sandwich thing you're talking about if it's what I think it is: flakey bread filled with thick slices of beef and preserved veggies. I've tried it once or twice and it was pretty good.

              They do make regular fan tuan (non vegetarian) with the meat floss, but I actually like the veggie version better. It has a satisfying crunch to it.

              In addition to that, I believe they also make xiao long bao and steamed veggie dumplings. Never tried their xlb's but the veggie dumplings were decent.

              If you like sweets, they also make really good pressed mung bean cakes (the square ones that people have with tea).

              1. Here are my faves in rough order of preference. Most of them also have dumplings and those beef sandwich things as well.

                Yi-Mei: 736 S. Atlantic Blvd., Monterey Park (Dingho Plaza)
                Yi-Mei: 608 E Valley Blvd. #G, San Gabriel (San Gabriel Superstore complex)
                Yi-Mei: 18414 E Colima Rd. #I, Rowland Heights (Hong Kong Store complex)
                Very good shaobing, danbing, and doujiang (made in-house). They also sell mijiang, which is made from rice and peanuts IIRC (very sweet, brown drink). My faves are the compact, hefty and juicy buns (but only when fresh; if nuked, they lose a lot). The Preserved Snow Cabbage & Pork Bun (xuecai roubao) is terrifically pungent (admittedly, an acquired taste), and the Pork & Mushroom Bun (Taiwan roubao) has a great mixture of potent soy sauce, pork and mushroom flavors. The Pork & Cabbage Bun (cairoubao) is also quite good. The Vegetarian Bun (sucaibao) and Chive Bun (jiucaibao) are okay…nothing special. The Chive Turnover (jiucaihe) and Steam-Fried Pork Buns (shengjianbao) are pretty disappointing. I always though the lady at the Atlantic Blvd. location was very nice, but that could be cause I'm a regular. The ladies at the other two locations are absolute sweethearts.

                Mei Lin Tou Chiang: 1257 E Valley, Alhambra (behind 168 Supermarket)
                Good, if unspectacular baozi. I quite like their pickled veggie bun (suancaibao). They make their own soy milk, and it's usually quite good. They also seem to have a subspecialty in zongzi...many different kinds.

                Ding Pangzi: 115-117 N. Lincoln Ave., Monterey Park
                Grimy joint that has quite good danbing, baaaad shaobing and big, pillowy baozi. I quite like the Mushroom & Pork Bun (xianggu roubao) and the Preserved Mustard & Pork Bun (meigancai roubao). The Pork Bun (xianroubao) can also be good (if seemingly undercooked at times). I seem to recall quite liking their Chive Turnovers, but it’s been a few years since I had one there. They don’t make their own Soy Milk. This place is difficult to find. It’s in a strip mall off of Garfield near the Garvey intersection, across from the Hong Kong Supermarket and behind the Heavy Noodling restaurant. It’s actually two restaurants side-by-side; the breakfast joint I go to is the one on the left. Packed on the weekends. Very nice staff. Menu only in Chinese, but plenty of bilingual folks there on the weekend.

                Yung Ho Tou Chiang: 533 W. Valley Blvd. (New Ave.), San Gabriel
                Excellent soy milk and shaobing. The danbing is a little too eggy for my tastes (I prefer more of a balance between the dan and the bing), and the buns have always disappointed me…gristly meat and little discernable flavor. The huge hubeidoupi (glutinous rice and ground meat in a fried bean-flour wrap) was okay. They have an extensive menu with English translations, though. There’s another branch at 1045 E. Valley Blvd. #A105, but I’ve never been there, heard it's better.

                Good luck!

                1. I love Yi Mei in the HK Supermarket plaza in Rowland Heights... great soymilk, shaobing, and danbing. Not to mention their other products as well... their niangao is also one of my favorites around chinese new year, and I believe they have zhongzi for Duan Wu Jie. Yum.

                  It's good to see that the Yi Mei still exists in Monterey Park... my parents had told me it no longer operated. Must find it since I've relocated over there... Ding Pangzi (mentioned earlier by yclops) is also a favorite stop for me, though I go to Xiao Mei a couple stores over for their soymilk.