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Apr 3, 2007 11:17 PM

What else to order at Bouchon?

I researched past posts and saw the recommended dishes to order are the jar of Foei, raw oysters and leg of lamb.

Morton said before that their lower price items were not worth it, but the splurge items are out of the world, is this still true?

Thanks for the input.

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  1. They have great pomme frites.

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    1. re: rtmonty

      Probably the best I've ever had, I'd say.

    2. I love the gnocchi. They're choux, not potato based, tiny (bigger than spaetzle, but not much), herb-flecked, and fried in brown butter.

      1. Just about anything from the raw bar. The presentations are beautiful, esp. the big platters.
        Yes, pomme frites. Moules. Pate de campagne. Love sitting at the bar!

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        1. re: maria lorraine

          I agree completely with maria lorraine, we actually had a fairly abysmal experience sitting at a table. Our waiter seemed completely off. Forgot to put in an order for a side of haricot vert (which were then heavily oversalted), and kept pouring still water into our sparkling water despite the sparkling water sitting right next to the table in a bucket.

          Suffice to say, the service was such that we probably wouldn't go back -- except, the raw bar was so freaking good and the fries were so amazing that when I said "well, we could always just sit at the bar and eat fries and lobster" my wife was right on board.

        2. OMG!!!!
          BOUCHON MUSSELS!!!!
          i LOVE~~~~ them
          but... you have to go to the bouchon in napa, vegas doesn't do justice.
          i love bouchon so much i go to napa 3 X a year... just to sink my teeth into those tiny little plump mussels.....
          they are bite size, just the right fluffness, the garlic dipping sauce is just... amazing...yummm....
          the other stuff... yeah they're good but i think i've had better in the bay area anyway.
          but... def... try the mussels... it's out of this WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

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          1. re: livnihs05

            I'm with Livininhs... I lived in Napa for four years and while I had probably eaten through their menu a dozen times, near the end of my stint there, for me it was nothing other than stopping in at the bar just to eat the mussels -- although unless they have changed the recipe, Livin is remembering garlic and I am remembering saffron.

            The hardest part was decided between having a side of frittes for dipping into the sauce, or bread (you got more sauce with bread but the frittes were fabulous).

          2. Love the salmon tartare with chopped egg and also the cod fritters. Something I never would have ordered but was lucky my compnanion did... trotters. Yum.

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            1. re: Mission Terrace Foodie

              I didn't care for the gnocci; tasted like tater tots. The sardine appetizer was very good. The roast chicken was good, but no better than homemade.