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Apr 3, 2007 09:43 PM

Thai Orchid, Salem Oregon

I just had the best Thai food at Thai Orchid in Salem Oregon! Usually I am in Portland and I have pretty good Thai at Thaiphoon, but this blows doors down on most Thai I have had and I live in Southern CA with a huge Thai population. If you're in Salem, you must try.

We had the Thom Kai (#13)soup which was one of the better I've had, not to much coconut milk. Then we had a Broad noodle dish stir fried with veggies, garlic, and chili (#86) which was the best dish. We also order a Seafood Curry (#63) where the flavors were very bold and flavorful even if the calamari was a little over cooked (how could that be helped in a soup). We ended up the meal with a coconut ice cream, a Thai brand we've never heard of. Itt was probably the single creamiest ice cream I've ever had. I'm too full to write anymore...

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  1. Thai Orchid is a local chain. There are several of them in Portland metro. I've eaten at the Salem one and thought it comparable to the ones up here. Personally, I think it's pretty typical Thai for Portland. They like their dishes on the sweet side.

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      I eat alot of Thai and I must of been hungry because it rocked! I told them to make it as hot as they could make it and I told them I would take it back if it wasn't hot enough. I like very very hot and they granted my wish with a nice solid sweaty heat on everything we ate.

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        Glad you enjoyed it. I'd happily trade you a Palms, Ruen Pair, or half a dozen other places in Thai Town, though, for Thai Orchid. I can always get a dish hotter, if nothing else adding chiles at the table. That's all they were doing in the back. Now, would I trade Pok Pok, or Siam Society, or even Cha Ba? That's a tougher question.

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          I'll be in Portland next week, what is the best Thai in the downtown area?