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Apr 3, 2007 08:43 PM

Kinder's Happy Hippo Chocolate

I've seen many positive reviews of this and is wondering if anyone has seen it in Toronto? Thanks!

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  1. Reither's on Church south of Wellesley carries a large selection of European chocolates, including the Kinder, RitterSport, and Milka brands. Don't know about the Kinder hippos specifically, but it would be worth calling to check.

    1. Were you able to track it down? That seems like a great easter item.

      1. I spent time out of my day and went to Reither's today to see if they have the Happy Hippo I've been looking for. Unfortunately they didn't carry them. So my search continues......!

        PS. they did have milka and some other european chocolates though which is nice~~~~

        1. sorry, i just saw this, i have these at cousin bought 2 boxes for me but there are not that good actually, the kinder bars are much better imo....

          let me find out where she got it from

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          1. re: tiggerpooh

            she got them from Starsky Foods
            she says that they imports lots of european chocolates.

            Good Luck!!

          2. I found the Kinder Hippo xmas 07 at Michael Angelo's grocery store in Mississauga off Erin Mills Pkwy..they had loads of them in stock and may still have some...i picked one up for the child for the xmas stocking.