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Chikubu closed

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never got to try their famed Friday ramen

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  1. there was a huge line on Friday for the last hurrah

    1. a shame really, their shoyu ramen special was something magical. Let's hope the taisho resurfaces somewhere w/ the same ramen.

      it will be missed....

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      1. re: aser

        Will be VERY missed. No more eel dish. :( It was one of my few dependable joints in midtown!

        1. re: aser

          darn, that was some really good ramen.

          Anyone know why they closed? They always seem to be bustling for lunch.

          1. re: janethepain

            owner is returning to Japan

        2. Their ramen was marginal at worst, average at best. And overpriced to boot.

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          1. re: Silverjay

            Yeah, that was always my take on it. I never understood the adulation.

          2. Oh no, I used to love their Mix Eel rice, anyone know of a similar dish elsewhere?