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Apr 3, 2007 07:53 PM

Best Ginger Ale?

I like Reeds a lot. However, I tried Stirrings recently and it was very good. Any others? Neigher Reeds nor Stirrings uses HFCS.

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        1. re: kabrown

          Vernors is okay but it tastes too much like a cream soda to me. I like Dr. Browns but when you get right down to it, Canada Dry is pretty solid if maybe a little sweet. I was also not too impressed with the Whole Foods house brand 365. So, Dr. Browns if I can find it but otherwise I'll take Canada Dry. Do I have to trade in my chowhound card now?

          1. re: frankiii

            Yes, you do - Canada Dry is artificially flavored; not an ounce of real ginger in it. Then again, I have to trade mine in as well because I haven't heard of half these brands. I like Schweppes.

            1. re: frankiii

              There is just no comparison. Vernors is a golden ginger ale Dr Browns and Canada Dry, and most all others are dry Ginger Ales

              BTW 4th on Vernors

            2. re: kabrown

              While I have had many really good ones, plus some excellent ginger beers, I will also cast my vote for Vernor's. It is the best, in my vast experience.


                1. re: azhotdish

                  I don't know whether the Vernor's we get in Toronto is different from the US version. I used to like it, but it became rather insipid several years ago.

                  I tend to mix my own using something called Aunt May's ginger syrup and seltzer.

                  1. re: embee

                    That's really too bad because I remember when Vernor's would tickle your nose and make you cough it was so effervesent and gingery.

                    1. re: KristieB

                      Yes!!! The only pop that was heated and used as curative for many moms did this.

                    1. re: krochetnkat

                      Fifth to a google on the Vernor's. Jinx. World's best soda, IMO, and arguably a great, great float with a very large scoop of vanilla bean ice cream topped with a squirt of ginger syrup or some candied ginger.

                    2. re: azhotdish

                      Maybe I just got a bad bottle or something but the Vernor's I bought here in California had no flavor at all and no ginger-y bite, was like weak 7up...

                    3. Blenheim used to be big in the Carolinas. I had a bottle of the spicier version and thought it would take my throat off. I don't know what the status is now.

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                      1. re: Jimmy Buffet

                        Love blenheim! everyone else I know can't handle it though =/

                        1. re: Jimmy Buffet

                          A friend brought some home once and holy mother of god! It was like drinking ice cold liquid fire.

                          1. re: bryan

                            I am/was a major fan of Blenheim. Vernors is populare around here but i find it to be too vanilla-ish for rmy taste.

                          2. re: Jimmy Buffet

                            Oh how I miss Blenheim! Before they sold the place, they used to close for indeterminate amounts of time when they vacationed or whatever. Those were tough weeks! Haven't had one for ages. I wonder if it's still as good since they sold.

                            1. re: debbiel

                              Sold? It's made right by the "Pedro's South of the Border" roadside mecca, and widely available throughout that place. I bought a 6 pack of the Diet variety this weekend at a Piggly Wiggly on Folly Beach.

                              1. re: BustedFlush

                                Well, it's been almost 20 years since I lived in SC. The sale I'm talking about was 1993, when the Pedro's people bought it. I finally had some again last year and it was still great.

                            2. re: Jimmy Buffet

                              Add one on for the Hot Blenheim. Still huge around here. Still made local.

                              1. re: Jimmy Buffet

                                It's still good. Had a bottle of it last month.

                              2. Golden or Pale Dry.....Golden Ginger Ale is getting to be a scarce commodity

                                1. I think it depends upon how you like your ginger ale. The variety of responses so far points to a variety of different types of ginger ale. Here's my typology:

                                  One type are the widely-available and popular brands like Canada Dry (and others). To me, these barely taste to like ginger ale, but I know people who swear by the stuff.

                                  Another type is the Vernor's style, which has a stronger ginger taste than the popular brands, but also a creamy taste, and it doesn't have much sharpness (hence, Frankiii's posting about it tasting like cream soda).

                                  A third type are the sharp ginger ales, such as Reeds and Blenheim's (and probably most "crafted-style" ginger ales available at specialty stores). These actually taste like carbonated liquid ginger--esp. Blenheim. (Like Jimmy Buffet, I thought Blenheim was going to damage my throat: it's so strong that I had to hold my breath while putting the bottle to my mouth because the fumes coming out of the bottle would cause me to cough.)

                                  I love ginger and I love cream, so that's probably why I like Vernor's the best.

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                                  1. re: alanstotle


                                    I don't like cream soda-type flavours. I'm with frankiii; I like Canada Dry. Have never tried Blenheim but it sounds similar to Pangleheimers sparkling hot from Charlotte, NC, which just about killed me (and I like hot stuff). My father used to make a lovely hot ginger ale that was very drinkable. Pangleheimers, OTOH, seemed dangerous.

                                    I'll try Gus if I can find it.

                                    1. re: alanstotle

                                      I had some specialty ginger ale at a Scottish Festival last year. I didn't recognize the name (it had a beige/brown can, perhaps old-timey font and graphics). It was SPICY. I had been sick earlier in the week, and wasn't 100% yet (cough), and it was too much for my throat to handle, so I couldn't finish it. Which is too bad, as I LOVE strong ginger!

                                    2. Northern Neck Ginger Ale...regular or diet...both are very good and have a big "bite" to them.