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Apr 3, 2007 07:51 PM

Good eats by the airport?

We will be arriving on May 4 about 6 p.m. and driving to Slidell. Had planned to stop for something at Crabby Jacks but found out it only serves lunch. Does anyone have any recommendations near the airport? I remember reading about one place a couple of years ago that served oysters (hubby won't eat them but I like them). So, in addition to oysters, it would have to have something else on the menu. Thanks.

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  1. Le Parvenu Restaurant
    509 Williams Blvd
    Kenner, LA 70062
    (504) 471-0534

    Very good food, and OK wine selection. Glassware needs to be "kicked up a notch," since I was last there, but very good. It's just south of Airline Hwy. (US 61) about two, or three traffic signals east of MSY.


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      Also Calas Bistro at W. Esplanade and Chateau Blvd. Very nice room, great wine program, and delicious La. inspired food, such as different kinds of calas (rice cakes). I particularly like the Fish Meuniere with Shrimp & Pecans, the American Kobe Beef Brisket, and Lemon Ice Box Creme Brulee for dessert.

    2. always fun and reliable is the harbor on williams. good fresh oysters, & oyster po-boys.
      hot boiled shrimps, gumbo. everything i've eaten there is muy bueno!

      1. Thanks. They all sound good.

        1. Very near the airport on Williams is the Harbor-- they have an attached market, this is probably where you heard there were oysters.

          If I were you, I'd go to Drago's, right off I-10.

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            I`d go to Drago`s too. Their charbroiled oysters are to die for.
            Harbor is a great place too. They serve wonderful fresh seafood. And it`s right by the airport.

            1. re: IthacaSnow

              Umm, Drago's is definitely not "right by" the airport. Airport's in Kenner, Drago's is in Metairie, a few blocks off of Causeway Blvd. Approx. 8 miles by road, probably 5 as the crow flies.