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Apr 3, 2007 07:06 PM

SD Cafes w/ WiFi?

Just rolled into town, and I'd prefer to do my job search out with a cup of coffee and some atmosphere, as opposed to at home alone. Can anyone recommend a place with all of the above, plus WiFi (preferably free)?

I'm in UTC, so the closer the better. I found the other thread about cafes, but they were more focused on the coffee itself. Thanks!

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    Unfortunately, most of these are not in your area. Of the ones listed, I think Caffe Calabria and Influx are the most interesting. It looks like the closest to you may be Cafe Mojoe, but I do believe they close early (like 6pm).

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      Caffe Calabria is the best IMO, but sadly, they also close aery - at 3, until, of course, they open the Pizzaria, which looks now to be in June-ish.

    2. If you're into boba tea most of the cafes that serve it have free wireless. I'm pretty sure the Tapioca Express in UTC has it.

      1. O'Brien's Pub in Kearny Mesa has free wireless.

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          KEnsington Coffee on the corner of Marlborough and Adams Ave.

          Cafe Cabernet on Adams Ave and Cherokee.

          Panera Bakery

          Gelato Vera on India Street

        2. Not in UTC but I like Rebeccas Cafe for reasonable coffee, best scones in town and fast WiFi

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          1. I think Pizza Port in Solana Beach has Wi-Fi and awesome craft beers as well.