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Apr 3, 2007 06:25 PM

Halfway from Mystic to Providence

I'm looking for a nice place for a Sunday lunch or brunch. Any food, any price as long as it's good food and not loud. Thank you!

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  1. I'm not exactly sure what the halfway point is, but you might want to search prior threads for discussions of restaurants in Westerly, RI (closer to Mystic), East Greenwich, RI (closer to Providence), or the Kingston/Wickford, RI area (kind-of halfway). This will cover many different dining establishments.

    - Garris
    Providence, RI

    1. Closer to Mystic (but there's only about 30-40 mins btw Mystic & Prov) I really like Up River Cafe. I've only been 3 times but have had an excellent meal each time. Go when the weather warms up for one of the prettiest patios in the area.

      1. The South County, RI area has three great choices for Sunday Brunch. Each has a web site you can check out.

        Shelter Harbor Inn on Route 1 in Westerly
        The Coast Guard House on Route 1A in Narragansett
        Bay Voyage Inn on Jamestown Island

        We've had the Sunday Brunch at all three and enjoyed them.

        Jerry Saywell

        1. Randall's Ordinary is in North Stonington, so not quite halfway, but it is really fun for brunch. They do all their cooking over an open hearth. The food is very good, and the atmosphere terrific.

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            I used to really like going there for an occasional breakfast, but though the atmosphere was still great the food went steadily downhill (like 6 or seven years ago, I know I'm outdated.) Then the Pequots bought it (2 years ago?) and it's been closed. Has it reopened? Is it good again?